When Terry’s star doctoral student Jonathan Bundy was hired by a top institution, it was a watershed moment for a small, but mighty management department that is filled with prolific A-list researchers

Ben Ayers
Bundy was born into a medical family but found his calling in academia, where his analysis of the British parliament expense scandal got him and lead author Scott Graffin published in Administrative Science Quarterly

He doesn’t wield a bat or wear a glove, but when it comes to his career debut, Jonathan Bundy knocked the cover off the ball. The budding academic’s work in the field of management reads like a tale of a phenom.

Bundy (PhD ’14) was still working on his doctorate at Terry when he earned publication in one of the top academic journals in his field — winning a Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management. His strong first impression in the management discipline had professors from other universities writing job recommendations on his behalf.

Bundy has prodigious talent with a tremendous work ethic, and he is proof positive that Terry’s management department has made a quantum leap in research rankings over the past five years. According to his professors, the 32-year-old Bundy’s body of work as a student is so good that it will be a major stepping-stone towards tenure at a top research institution. Given that Bundy recently landed a post at Penn State — one of the top five programs in Bundy’s fields of research — he seems well on his way to realizing his potential.

“There’s a baseball saying, he’s a natural — perfect pitch, perfect swing, can do everything — that’s Jon,” says Jason Colquitt, the Ph.D. coordinator for Terry’s department of management. “He’s an idea guy, he’s a careful data analyzer, and he’s a gifted writer.”

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