David Lowery

Wondering Sound writes a detailed profile of Music Business Program faculty member David Lowery, calling him "perhaps the most important and ardent consistent spokesperson for artist rights in a digital area."

The article examines Lowery's expressions of support for artists' rights, and takes readers inside his Terry classroom, where he teaches undergraduates about the complexities of publishing royalties in the digital music industry.

The piece states: 

"He openly fantasizes about using his university position to form a legal center that serves as a watchdog of and advocate for artist rights. He compares it to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based nonprofit that presses for civil rights. He thinks that his consent-decrees challenge could supply the anchor. The music industry wasn’t and isn’t perfect or fair, Lowery admits, both in his salad days or now. But he insists he doesn’t want to live in a society that doesn’t think it can and must get better."

“I want to be engaged in our broader digital rights. Should giant firms who have our credit card information be better regulated? I don’t know,” Lowery says. “Music is what got me into this conception of what our rights as citizens should be in this digital realm. But that’s not exactly bomb-throwing, is it?”

The full article is available free online.