David Lowery

In an essay originally published on his blog, The Trichordist, Music Business faculty member David Lowery breaks down the economic incentives of managers and agents in the music industry. 

A well-known defender of artists' rights, Lowery regularly writes about the profit motives of streaming services, record labels and musicians. This essay, "How Some Managers and Agents Benefit From Piracy and Low-Paying Streaming Music," explains why some industry insiders turn a blind eye to streaming music services that poorly compensate musicians.

"The point is that managers and agents don’t really make anything off of recorded music revenues, at least when you compare it to the amount they make off of live concerts. Managers and agents have never really cared about revenue from recorded music and they have even less incentive to care about it now that streaming has obliterated what little revenue there was," Lowery writes.

"So managers and agents are free to say whatever they want about streaming and piracy. But just remember what’s good for managers and agents is not necessarily what is good for artists."

The full essay is available on Hypebot and The Trichordist