David Mustard
David Mustard

When Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law a new bill that will allow concealed-carry permit holders to take guns into bars and other establishments if owners permit, he created a new question for local businesses: Is it better to allow guns on the premises or not?

David Mustard, associate economics professor at the Terry College of Business, told the Augusta Chronicle that the effect of enforcing a gun-free policy on business will be probably be minor.

“Whatever decision a store owner makes, politically oriented groups on one side could boycott, while politically oriented groups on the other side could encourage their members to patronize the store,” Mustard said. “Similarly, if (a) store owner permits carry, some people may be more likely to attend because they feel safer and others may be less likely to attend because they feel threatened.

‘‘I think few people are on this margin, and there are people who could go offset each other.”

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