Terry’s MIS student chapter of the Association for Information Systems has received the organization’s Outstanding Careers in IS Award and the Outstanding Fundraising Award.

The awards will be presented during a ceremony at the International Conference of Information Systems in Ft. Worth, Texas, on Dec. 14.

The Outstanding Careers in IS Award is given to a student chapter that successfully promotes the study or practice of information systems to high school students, or current students in their home institution, or worldwide.

The Outstanding Fundraising Award is given to a student chapter that has created successful and sustainable funding strategies for their chapter.

“AIS takes immense pride in recognizing the distinguished scholars who make up our community, and ultimately, contribute to the success of the field,” said AIS Vice President of Student Chapters James Parrish. “As such, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the Terry College’s student chapter as well as the student leaders involved.”

AIS Student Chapters began in 2008 with a two-fold mission to support information systems students in attaining their career goals and help universities provide greater visibility to grow the major on campus.  The annual awards recognize the ‘best of the best’ from the nearly 70 chapters worldwide.

The Association for Information Systems, founded in 1994, is a professional organization with the purpose to serve as the premier global organization for academics, students and professionals specializing in Information Systems.