The Altria Executive Seminar Series is an important component of the MMR curriculum. Throughout the program, marketing research practitioners take time from busy schedules to visit the UGA campus and share their industry insight with MMR students. The series offers a valuable supplement to the traditional program coursework and provides a medium for introducing MMR students to the latest industry trends and practices.

All seminars are scheduled for 3:30 – 5:00 pm. Seminars are are only open to students in the MMR program.

2018-2019 Series

Date Speaker + Company Topic
August 22, 2018 Remy Denton, SKIM, and Mike Kessling, Chick-fil-A Client vs. Supplier Side
September 12, 2018 Lindsay Zaltman, Olson Zaltman Tapping into the Consumer Unconsciousness
October 3, 2018 Joe Glines, Data Cowboy and Automation Guru Automation, SPSS, Data Forensics
October 11, 2018 Tim Norvell, Elon University Interviewing and Careers in Marketing Research
October 17, 2018 Joe Threatt, UPS and Susan Jones Project Management: Client vs. Supplier
October 19, 2018 Angie Deceuninck & Julian Ramsey InSites Consulting Brand Communities
October 24, 2018 Caroline Smiley & Kat Dimmick Delta Millennial Research & International Research
November 1, 2018 Ronnie Matthew Nestle/Purina Research With a Unique Target Market/ Global (Culture Based) Projects
November 7, 2018 Rob Arnett Pricing Research
November 8, 2018 Kristen Downs MMR Research Immersion Day: PowerPoint & Data Visualization
November 15, 2018 Jeff Miller Advances in Marketing Research Data Collection
January 16, 2019 Amanda McCabe (Eli Lilly) Topic: TBA
January 24, 2019 Barbara Connors (84.51) Connecting with Customers in a Big Data World
January 31, 2019 Sam Baerenwald (Ipsos) Insights Workshop
February 7, 2019 Mike Courtney (Aperio Insights) Case Study Style
February 8, 2019 Cat Knotts (Kantar) TBD
February 20, 2019 Charlie Farr (Chick-fil-A) Voice of Customer - Insights in Action
February 27, 2019 John Huffman (GFI Research) Proposal Guidelines and Qualitative Exercise

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