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August 21, 2019 

Cori Guilbault, SKIM

PowerPoint Design

August 21, 2019 

Remy Denton, SKIM, and Mike Kessling, Chick-fil-A 

Client vs. Supplier 

August 26, 2019

Dr. James Anderson, University of Georgia

Managing Group Dynamics through Collaborative Problem Solving

September 2, 2019

Morgan McKinley, AYTM

Do-It-Yourself Survey Design and Research Panel training

September 6, 2019

Karl Riddett, InterWorks

Tableau Talk

October 7, 2019

Tim Norvell, Elon University

Interviewing and Careers in Marketing Research

October 8, 2019

Sam Baerenwald and Dorothy Prickett, Ipsos

Design Thinking Workshop

October 17, 2019 

Catherine Chu, Cardlytics

Digital Media Landscape

October 24, 2019

Lindsay Zaltman, Olson Zaltman

Tapping into the Consumer Unconsciousness

October 25, 2019

Angie Deceuninck, InSites Consulting

Research Communities

October 30, 2019

Amanda Sodam, Nestle Purina

eCommerce Insights

November 4, 2019

Catherine Knotts, Kantar

Brand Valuation and Equity Measurement

November 6, 2019

Rob Arnett, M/A/R/C Research

Pricing Research

November 7, 2019

Kristen Downs, MMR Research

Information Visualization

November 21, 2019

 Jeff Miller, Burke

Advances in Marketing Research Data Collection

January 15, 2020 

Adam Kornuth, Virtex

Immersive Insights, The Next Research Frontier

January 21, 2020

Mayuri Joshi and Holly Schroeder, Lilly

The 'Bookends' of Market Research

February 6, 2020

Joe Threatt & Lance Worley, UPS

Innovations in Customer Experience Research

February 12, 2020 

Patricia Houston, MMR Live

User Research/UX

February 17, 2020 

Kristen Downs, MMR Research

Information Visualization

February 18, 2020 

Tyler McMullen and Lisa Fridley, MarketVision Research

 Advanced Analytics

February 27, 2020 

Katie Taddei and Linh Nguyen, Inspire Brands

 Content Management

February 27, 2020 

Joe Threatt and Lance Worley, UPS

Innovations in Customer Experience Research