Terry College of Business

Master of Marketing Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MMR available as a part time or distance program?
The MMR is an intensive, immersive educational experience, offered only as a full time program on campus.

Can I start the MMR during the fall or spring semesters?
Our program is based on a cohort model. Each year’s class begins in summer and completes the program the following spring.

What is a cohort-based program?
A learning cohort is a group of students who move through their courses and related learning experiences together from the beginning of their program to its completion. The interpersonal and group interactions of the cohort are important aspects of the learning experience. Cohort learning also prepares students for employers who value teamwork and collaboration.

Can I transfer credits from prior coursework toward the MMR?
We do not accept transfer credits. All students must complete the MMR 39-credit hour curriculum. In rare instances, and with prior approval, a student may be permitted to substitute a course if they have demonstrated exceptional competency in a required course.

How can I find out more about the MMR program?
For a good place to start, read our program brochure. We also encourage perspective students to visit the campus while classes are in session. The program coordinator will help arrange a schedule which includes sitting in on a class as well as meeting with current students and faculty. Depending on the schedule, prospective students are welcome to attend an executive seminar and social. We can also arrange for prospective students to talk with MMR alumni and/or members of the MMR Advisory Board.

How much statistics should I have taken to qualify for admission?
The more statistical coursework in an applicant’s background the better. This is not meant to imply that an MMR degree is a math/statistics degree. However, many of the courses in the program include topics involving quantitative/statistical analysis and the application of related computer software.

Am I required to take the GMAT?
Either the GMAT or the GRE is required. A GMAT quantitative score in the 90th percentile may be helpful in demonstrating quantitative aptitude for applicants who do not demonstrate a strong record of prior mathematics or statistics study. GMAT scores are valid for five years.

Can I substitute the GRE for the GMAT?
Yes, a recent GRE score can be sent in lieu of a GMAT score.

As an international student, am I required to take the TOEFL?
The TOEFL or IELTS exam is required of all international applicants whose primary language is not English, even if they hold a degree from an institution in the US or a country where English is the primary language. The minimum TOEFL should be 90 with IBT speaking scores over 25. The minimum IELTS should be 8.

Do I have to have all of my recommendation letters, transcripts and scores before I submit my application?
No. You can submit your application and send other materials later, as long as we have all supporting documents in time for review of the folder.

Are interviews required?
In person interviews are not required, but the Admissions Committee may contact selected applicants for a brief phone or personal interview.

Can I work while pursuing the MMR?
The MMR is an intensive full time learning experience. Students should not attempt to hold a job while completing the degree. Students who do can place themselves in jeopardy of failing the program.

Does the MMR program offer job placement assistance?
Yes. The Program hosts a career fair in the fall semester and on-campus interviews typically start in the spring semester. In addition to firms interviewing on campus, other firms post job descriptions with the program and ask interested students to contact them directly.