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International Residency

Why study international business?

Without a study of international business, a Professional MBA program simply falls short.

Our global economy is becoming more interdependent, so you are faced with societal and cultural challenges when conducting business internationally.

To prepare you for those challenges, our international residency immerses you in a global business environment through intense learning experiences over 10 days. Gain perspective on how international economic, cultural, and regulatory environments influence business processes. The international residency features:

  • Lectures from international business experts
  • Distinguished guest speakers
  • Site visits to a variety of country-specific businesses
  • Cultural excursions

Many of our alumni say this residency is one of the most memorable, challenging, and fun parts of their Professional MBA experience.

International Residency Locations

2015: Chile & Argentina
2016: Chile & Argentina, Cortona
2017: Berlin, Cortona
2018: Barcelona, Cortona, New York City
2019: Ireland, Cortona
2022: Costa Rica

What’s Included?

The international residency includes:

  • Numerous business visits
  • Cultural tours
  • Group dinners
  • Welcome and farewell receptions
  • Free evenings to explore the city
  • Receptions
  • Lectures

Additional Costs

The optional domestic and international residency costs are not included in tuition and fees. Estimated costs include round trip airfare, ground transportation at destinations, company visits, planned cultural excursions, accommodations and most meals. For budgeting purposes, the domestic residency cost is typically $1,500-$2,500, and the international residency is $3,500 to $5,000.

Learn more about studying international business

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