Professional MBA Program

Professional MBA Faculty

Meet our distinguished, award-winning faculty.

As leaders in their field, they publish cutting edge research, edit a variety of publications, and serve in numerous leadership roles. Sought after for expertise by many companies and media outlets, they network extensively with the business community. They also represent a variety of different departments within the Terry College of Business, making for a truly interdisciplinary experience.

Faculty by School/Department

School of Accounting

  • Stephen P. Baginkski

    Stephen P. Baginkski

    Herbert E. Miller Chair in Financial Accounting
    PhD, University of Illinois, 1986
  • Frank L. Heflin

    Frank Heflin

    Professor and Deloitte Endowed Faculty Fellow
    PhD, Purdue University
  • Scott Law

    Scott Law

    Part-time Lecturer
  • Robert Resutek

    Robert Resutek

    Associate Professor and Frazier & Deeter Faculty Fellow
    PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2008

Department of Economics

  • Santanu Chatterjee

    Santanu Chatterjee

    Director, Full-Time MBA & MS Business Analytics Programs and Josiah Meigs Professor of Economics
    PhD, Economics, University of Washington, 2001
  • Chris Cornwell

    Chris Cornwell

    Department Head, Professor and Simon S. Selig, Jr. Chair for Economic Growth
    PhD, Economics, Michigan State University, 1985
  • Martin Gervais

    Martin Gervais

    Associate Professor and Alumni Board Distinguished Professor
    PhD, The University of Western Ontario, 1999
  • Katherine T. McClain

    Katherine T. McClain

    Senior Lecturer
    PhD, University of California at San Diego, 1987


Department of Finance

Institute for Leadership Advancement

  • Donald Addison

    Donald Addison

    PhD, Management, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

Legal Studies

  • Tim Samples

    Tim Samples

    Associate Profesor
    JD, Law, University of Texas, 2010

Department of Management

  • Susan Cohen

    Susan Cohen

    Assistant Professor
    PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013
  • Jason Colquitt

    Jason Colquitt

    William Harry Willson Distinguished Chair and Professor
    PhD, OB, Michigan State University, 1999
  • Richard Daniels

    Richard Daniels

    Director, Executive and Professional MBA Programs
    PhD, UCLA, 1986
  • Daniel Gamache

    Daniel Gamache

    Assistant Professor
    PhD, Michigan State University, 2015

  • Scott Graffin

    Scott Graffin

    Professor and Synovus Chair in Servant Leadership
    PhD, Strategic Management, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2006

  • Gregory Jones

    Gregory Jones

    Part Time Lecturer
    PhD, Georgia State University, 2004

  • Charles Lyons

    Charles Lyons

    Part Time Lecturer

  • Fadel Matta

    Fadel Matta

    Assistant Professor
    PhD, Michigan State University, 2016

  • Marie S. Mitchell

    Marie S. Mitchell

    PhD, Business Administration, Management, University of Central Florida, 2006

  • Troy Montgomery

    Troy Montgomery

    DBA, Doctor of Business Administration, University of South Florida, 2017
  • Carl Nicpon

    Carl Nicpon

    Part-Time Instructor
    MBA, University of Georgia, 2008

  • Martin Lucas Parker

    Martin Lucas Parker

    MBA, University of Georgia, 2006
  • Mike Pfarrer

    Mike Pfarrer

    Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and Professor
    PhD, Strategic Management, 2007
  • Timothy Quigley

    Timothy Quigley

    Associate Professor
    PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2011

  • Jessica Rodell

    Jessica Beth Rodell

    Terry Dean’s Advisory Council Distinguished Professor
    PhD, Management, University of Florida, 2010

Department of Management Information Systems

  • Dave Chatterjee

    Dave Chatterjee

    Associate Professor
    PhD, Florida State University, 1997
  • Craig Allan Piercy

    Craig Allan Piercy

    Director, Master of Business Technology Program and Sr. Lecturer
    PhD, University of Georgia, 2001

Department of Marketing

Real Estate

  • Richard Martin

    Richard Martin

    Associate Professor
    PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1996