Full-Time MBA Program

International Residency

More and more, good business is global business.

That’s why we incorporate an international residency into our Full-Time MBA curriculum. Firsthand international experience will distinguish you, especially for global companies.

Each spring the Full-Time MBA program offers a three-credit short term trip abroad. Students complete ten hours of on-campus instruction before traveling to the selected destination for business and cultural visits. These trips typically take place over 8–10 days during the spring break period.


Shanghai. Beijing. Buenos Aires. Santiago. Those are only a few of our past destinations. The residency envelopes you in local culture and develops your international business knowledge base through company visits.

The highlight of the trip for me was the fact that we were able to meet with professionals from so many different international and domestic businesses in China. Even though they were executive level people, they were tactically engaged and openly discussed details on everything from intellectual property issues to supply chain, infrastructure, and logistics concerns.

As we learned on the trip, companies cannot afford not to be doing in business in China right now. I’m grateful to Terry for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience.

Deirdra Glover (MBA 2007)
Senior Consultant, The North Highland Company, Atlanta, GA