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Increase the depth of your expertise with electives.

Full-Time MBA Elective Courses


ACCT 7100: Managerial Accounting

ACCT 7600: Financial Statement Analysis


BIOS 7010: Introductory Biostatistics


ECON 6310: Health Economics (Currently offered as ECON 4310. Will be cross-listed as ECON 6310.)

ECON 7940: Economics of Managing Organizations (HR & Human Capital)

ECON 7950: Competitive Strategy

Environmental Health Science

EHSC 7010: Foundations of Environmental Health Science


ENTR 7090: Critical Design Thinking

ENTR 7310: Innovation Management

ENTR 7500: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENTR 7505: Entrepreneurial Finance

ENTR 7510: Developing Successful Business Plans

ENTR 7520: Implementing New Venture Plans

ENTR 7525: Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture


EPID 7010: Introduction to Epidemiology


FINA 6205: Mergers & Acquisitions

FINA 6320: Derivative Security Markets

FINA 6810: International Finance

FINA 7100: Corporate Finance

FINA 7110: Valuation

FINA 7310: Investments

FINA 7320: Financial Derivatives

FINA 7920: Financial Modeling

Health Policy and Management

HPAM 7010: Introduction to Health Policy and Management

HPAM 8700: Management of Public Health Organizations

Health Promotion and Behavior

HPRB 7010: Social and Behavioral Foundations in Public Health

Legal Studies

LEGL 7050: Negotiations


MARK 6220: Sales Force Strategy and Management

MARK 7600: Predictive Analytics

MARK 7620: Services Marketing

MARK 7720: Advertising and Promotions Management

MARK 7760: New Product Development

MARK 7930: Marketing Planning & Strategy

MARK 7980: Marketing Analytics and Decision Making


MGMT 7010: Lessons in Leadership

MGMT 7130: Designing, Managing, and Improving Supply Chains

MGMT 7220: Project Management

MGMT 7260: Service Operations Management

MGMT 7830: Recruitment and Selection

MGMT 7840: Training and Development

MGMT 7850: Performance Management & Compensation

Management Information Systems

MIST 6550: Energy Informatics

MIST 7690: Business Process Management

MIST 7770: Business Intelligence

Real Estate

REAL 7100: Real Estate

REAL 7200: Real Estate Law

REAL 7800: Real Estate Analysis

REAL 7810: Real Estate Investments

REAL 7830: Real Estate Finance

REAL 7850: Real Estate Markets

Risk Management and Insurance

RMIN 7010: Fundamentals of Risk Management

RMIN 7100: Risk Management

RMIN 7120: Corporate Risk Management

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