Full-Time MBA Program

Full-Time MBA Curriculum

Learn to lead with the Georgia MBA

Your MBA experience extends beyond the classroom and begins before you arrive on campus through in-person and virtual programming. We’ve designed the curriculum to develop your business knowledge and skills, to improve your teamwork and peer leadership skills, and provide you with specialized knowledge that aligns with your career goals.

Summer Academic Preparation

Setting you up for success in our program means starting the fall semester well-prepared to handle the rigorous quantitative course load. Experience shows that students without the pre-requisite skills in these areas are at a significant disadvantage in the job search. Online Georgia MBA Foundation courses are designed to help you master those skills in your core courses. You will complete modules that cover fundamentals of finance, accounting, statistics, marketing, and economics.


Orientation takes place 2 weeks before the start of classes and focuses on three core elements: team building, additional academic preparation, and internship and job search preparation.

Two-Year Curriculum

Our curriculum is flexible, market-driven, and intentionally organized to prepare you for your summer internship and the full-time job search. The first semester focuses on core classes. The remaining three semesters allow you to pursue your concentration option, other electives, and experiential learning opportunities, both for credit and to satisfy your community service and the experiential learning requirement of two project-based courses. You may choose from a menu of four courses:

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Consulting Projects
  • Innovative Business Projects
  • FinTech Projects

The 8 core courses are: Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Economic Analysis for Business Leaders, Applied Business Statistics, Strategic Management, Operations Management, and Organizational Behavior. Additional required courses are Business Intelligence, Legal Environment of Business, and Communications Tools for Career Effectiveness.

Our semesters are divided into two 7 ½-week modules. Four core courses are modular and four are semester long. 60 credits are required for graduation. Elective options can be used to fulfill concentration requirements, specialization interests, or to take courses outside of the Terry College. Up to 6 credits can apply toward your graduation requirements.