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Concentration in Risk Management

About the Risk Management concentration

Managing risk is essential to the economic health of individuals, businesses, and nations. Events during the past decade have increased the recognition in organizations that robust systems to assess and manage risk at the enterprise level are needed. Effective risk management has become critical to the success of corporations and other organizations.

Terry’s top-ranked risk management program prepares students for careers in:

  • corporate risk management,
  • risk management consulting,
  • employee benefits management/consulting, and
  • insurance brokerage

Companies that have hired Georgia MBAs with a concentration in Risk Management include State Street Corporation, Beecher Carlson, KPMG, RidgeWorth Investments, and AGL Resources.

Typical job titles

  • Operational Risk Manager
  • Senior Specialist – Alternative Risk Technique
  • Client Services Manager
  • Risk Consultant

Concentration Path - Risk Management


Required courses provide students with a framework for understanding risk in the firm and opportunities for applying that knowledge to business situations. They develop the analytical skill set needed to identify, evaluate, and mitigate financial, operational and other risks in an integrated, enterprise-wide environment.


Required Courses (9 hours)

  • ACCT 7600: Financial Statement Analysis (Spring)
  • RMIN 7010: Risk Management (Spring)
  • RMIN 7100: Fundamentals of Risk Management (Fall)

Suggested Electives (12 hours)

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