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Concentration in Healthcare Management

About the Healthcare Management concentration

Healthcare is the fastest growing sector in the United States, both in terms of job creation and spending.  As such, employers within the healthcare industry are increasingly looking for professionals with a solid foundation in business education, especially as it applies to issues in healthcare organizations. The Georgia MBA concentration in Healthcare Management provides a unique and interdisciplinary approach to the business of healthcare, by combining course work from both the Terry College of Business and the College of Public Health.  Students in this concentration will not only gain deep structural knowledge of the healthcare industry, but also acquire skills in data management and analytics, finance, risk management, leadership and negotiations, and business strategies.

Georgia MBAs who graduate with a concentration in Healthcare have started their careers with companies like Emory Healthcare, Premier, Inc., Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Deloitte Consulting, Eli Lilly, Kaiser Permanente, and Johnson & Johnson.

Typical job titles

  • Administrative Fellow
  • Consultant
  • Account Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Performance Partner

Concentration Path - Healthcare Management


Required Courses (9 hours)

  • ECON 6310: Health Economics (Fall & Spring)
  • HPAM 7010: Introduction to Health Policy and Management (Fall & Spring)
  • RMIN 7010: Fundamentals of Risk Management (Spring)

Suggested Electives (12 hours)

  • ACCT 7600: Financial Statement Analysis (Spring)
  • ECON 7940: Economics of Managing Organizations (Fall & Spring)
  • ECON 7950: Competitive Strategy (Fall)
  • EHSC 7010: Foundations of Environmental Health Science (Fall & Spring)
  • EPID 7010: Introduction to Epidemiology (Fall & Spring)
  • FINA 79250e: Financial Modeling (Spring)
  • FINA 7920: Financial Modeling
  • HPAM 8700: Management of Public Health Organizations (Fall & Spring)
  • HPAM 8750: Quality Improvement in Health (Spring)
  • HPRB 7010: Social and Behavioral Foundations in Public Health (Fall & Spring)
  • LEGL 7050: Negotiations (Fall)
  • MGMT 7011: Leading Evolving Organizations (Fall)
  • MGMT 7260: Service Operations (Spring)
  • MIST 7690: Business Process Management (Spring)
  • RMIN 7100: Risk Management (Fall & Spring)
  • BIOS 7010: Introduction to Biostatistics (Fall & Spring)
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