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Concentration in Entrepreneurship

About the Entrepreneurship concentration

Terry Entrepreneurship is passionate about helping you design, launch and manage your business. Whether you have an existing company or are in the idea stage, Terry is committed to leveraging its unique resources to help you succeed. We understand that not all MBA students want to run their own companies. Our rigorous entrepreneurship courses celebrate the innovation, original thinking, and entrepreneurial mindset so actively sought by companies everywhere—skills that will help you succeed in the new economy. It is no secret that entrepreneurship-trained employees statistically make more money in the same job than do untrained employees.

Concentration Path - Entrepreneurship


We present a curriculum based on the four key tasks of entrepreneurship:

  • opportunity identification
  • resource acquisition and deployment
  • goal setting and strategy formulation
  • implementation


Required Courses

  • FINA 7110: Valuation (Spring), or
    ACCT 7600: Financial Statement Analysis (Spring)
  • ENTR 7320: Innovative Business Projects (Fall)
  • ENTR 7505: Entrepreneurial Finance (Fall & Spring)
  • ENTR 7525: Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture (Fall & Spring)

Suggested Electives

  • ENTR 7510: Developing Successful Business Plans (Fall)
  • ACCT 7600: Financial Statement Analysis (Spring)
  • ENTR 7090: Critical Design Thinking (Spring)
  • FINA 7110: Valuation (Spring)
  • LEGL 7050: Negotiations (Spring)
  • MARK 7550: Social Media Marketing and Strategy (Spring)
  • MARK 7760: New Product Development (Spring)
  • MGMT 7011: Leading Evolving Organizations (Fall)
  • MGMT 7260: Service Operations Management (Spring)
  • FINA 79250e: Financial Modeling (Spring)
  • REAL 7600: Investment Analysis (Fall)


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