MBA Programs - Terry College of Business - University of Georgia

Networking + Hiring

Business is about building relationships.

That’s why our FTMBA/MSBA Career Management Center never stops bringing students, employers, and alumni together. Take a look at the many possibilities to expand your network:

Networking Events

We host networking events throughout the year. Our recruiting partners stay in touch with the best talent, and our students gain valuable insight into potential career options.

Information Sessions + Interviews

Information sessions are a convenient way to bring companies and students together. Companies host these events on-campus to shed light on their industry and culture. These sessions are often followed by on-campus interviews.

Market Treks and Company Tours

We work with local, regional, and national companies to plan on-site tours, where students can network with professionals and learn more about various industries.

Job Postings

Handshake allows students to browse and apply for local, national, and international opportunities.

National Recruiting Fairs

Terry supports and encourages students to attend leading career fairs, including those hosted by ProspanicaNet Impact, MBA Veterans Network, and the ReachingOut MBA organization for LGBT MBAs. The National Black MBA Association holds the largest MBA career fair each year and is the primary career fair destination of our MBAs. 

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