Executive MBA Program

Executive Leadership Fellows Certificate Program

The Executive Leadership Fellows Certificate (optional co-curricular program) offers EMBAs a chance to take a “deeper dive” into their leadership style while gaining cutting edge insights for improving their leadership effectiveness.  The certificate consists of a three-pronged approach designed to maximize EMBA students’ leadership potential:

  1. Class (Module 5): Leading Evolving Organizations.
  2. Assessment: Leadership Circle Profile.  This 360-degree assessment provides insight into patters of strengths and limitations.
  3. Coaching: Individualized coaching sessions are personalized by the coach to focus on leadership development.  Students receive six coaching sessions with their assigned executive coach.

Students may opt into these activities individually or choose to participate in all three components in order to earn the Executive Leadership Fellows Certificate. 

The Executive Leadership Fellows Certificate Program pairs well with the Executive Career Navigation Program: 

The Executive Career Navigation Program builds the capabilities needed for career success across roles and functions - influence, partnership, negotiation, and positioning for opportunity. 

The Executive Leadership Fellows Certificate Program starts with a course examining the needs of evolving organizations and what makes for successful leaders, and then offers two opportunities for deeper dives to facilitate personal development, the Leadership Circle Profile and six executive coaching sessions.