MBA Programs - Terry College of Business - University of Georgia
Terry College of Business - University of Georgia

Executive MBA Instruction Format

Earn the Executive MBA in 10 intense learning modules and an international trip.

Program design makes the Terry Executive MBA different from any other executive MBA program. We divided the 18-month program into 10 learning modules delivered through weekend instruction, online learning technology, on-site residencies, and an international trip.

Program Format Breakdown

Opening Weeklong Residency: Leadership

This session focuses on organizational behavior and honing leadership. You will meet your distinguished peers with whom you will study for the next 18 months.

Seven 9-Week Modules in Buckhead: Core Business Knowledge

Seven 9-week modules focus on core business knowledge and its practical application. Courses will focus on two main areas:

  • Functional areas of the organization and appreciation of how marketing, finance, accounting, operations and other issues interact to determine organizational effectiveness.
  • Strategic thinking and recognizing the role of innovation, technology, systems, and people in creating and sustaining competitive advantage.

Each 9-week module includes:

  • 3 weekend (Fri-Sat) classroom sessions
  • Online learning for all other activities

International Residency

The international residency directly exposes you to a global business environment through a variety of intense learning experiences over 12 days. You will gain perspective on how business processes are influenced by international economic, cultural, and regulatory environments. The international residency features:

  • Lectures
  • Distinguished guest speakers
  • Site visits
  • Other cultural excursions

Alumni reflect upon this experience as one of the most memorable, challenging, and fun parts of their Executive MBA experience.

Closing Weeklong Residency: Leadership

As the Executive Capstone Simulation course, this leadership residency takes place at the end of the program and brings together all of what you’ve learned over the past 18 months.

Independent Study (optional)

An independent study is available to apply your knowledge and skills to a challenge within your own organization. You focus on a well-defined project guided by an appropriate faculty member.


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