Executive MBA Program

Career Management for Executive MBAs

The career management team:

  • Develops and oversees delivery of the Executive Career Navigation Program to build and practice the interpersonal skills necessary for successful career navigation.
  • Offers optional workshops on a broad range of career topics, from self-assessment through change management, each designed to help students become more effective in meeting their career goals.
  • Hosts networking events to connect with alumni and members of the business community.
  • Provides one-on-one career consulting sessions to help students achieve individual career goals.

Executive Career Navigation Program

The Executive Career Navigation Program is incorporated into the program and involves 3 modules:

  1. Career Negotiation – The Interaction of leadership styles and negotiation, including listening style, relationship building, and understanding exactly what is negotiable in career decisions.
  2. Building and Persuading a Network – Persuasion, and getting to know your customer.
  3. Executive Marketing Techniques – Desk drawer résumé, LinkedIn, bio, working with executive search firms, board memberships, and interviewing at the executive level.

One-on-One Career Consulting Sessions

  • Leverage the consultant’s knowledge to map out individual job search strategy
  • Assess career opportunities and their fit with individual goals
  • Develop messaging that presents the right image to the intended audience
  • Build an outreach plan for reaching out to people in the student’s field
  • Identify individuals who can be helpful to the student’s particular outreach effort
  • Troubleshoot a job search plan to make it more effective
  • Practice interviewing for an important opportunity
  • Practice an important presentation to a potential partner
  • Discuss points of interest for an upcoming negotiation and plan a strategy


Optional career workshops have included:

  • The Highlands Ability Battery assessment – Identify strengths and map a development plan to leverage strengths and work around corresponding weaknesses.
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Personal Vision
  • Change Management
  • Interviewing and Case Interview workshops
  • Résumé workshop
  • Negotiations, Personal Branding, and LinkedIn


Shannon Caldwell and Sharon Cohen form the MBA career management team for Executive and Professional MBAs. 

Shannon Caldwell has had a passion for career management for working professionals since the telecom company she worked for was sold in 2000, and she began speaking to dozens of people navigating career transitions. Her own path took her to work for her former career advisor from business school. Within a year, she started the first career program for Executive MBAs at Columbia Business School, which grew from 12 to 200 student clients in her 4 years, and which she retooled regularly to meet changing needs. Shannon joined the University of Georgia in 2007, building an MBA Career Management Center supporting 3 MBA programs. In 2017, she joined the Executive and Professional programs to build career programs that focus exclusively on their needs.

Shannon started her career working in investment banking at Texas Commerce Bank (a Chemical Bank subsidiary) and Salomon Brothers, as well as in equity research at Salomon.  She worked in business development (of the M&A variety) at Omnipoint, a wireless service provider that is now part of T-Mobile.  She earned a BBA with honors in the liberal arts from Southern Methodist University, an MFA from The New School, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Whether it’s explaining an operating company’s business to investors, negotiating a joint venture, or helping an individual articulate his value to future partners or coworkers, Shannon’s strength is in enhancing understanding on both sides of a working relationship.

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Sharon Cohen has classical training in psychology, education and school guidance counseling. She has a BA in Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. She completed her specialized training with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Adler University in Chicago, Illinois. Adler University is the oldest, private university specializing in psychology in North America.

Her work is a unique combination of psychology, technology and business. She’s worked in clinical psychology, vocational rehabilitation and career counseling in the healthcare, government, non-profit and higher education sectors. In 2008 she was hired by Georgia State University. She piloted new career services and offices at 4 satellite campus’ for their Global MBA and x12 Specialty Business Masters’. In 2013, the University of Georgia and Terry College of Business recruited Sharon to set up their x2 new, satellite career offices in Buckhead and Gwinnett campus’. She supports close to 400 Terry MBA students in the Professional and Executive programs. Her specialties include global careers, social media job search, career transition and psychometric career testing. Additionally, she has done career consulting projects in Canada, Hong Kong and the USA. She is a prolific writer and writes blog posts for syndicated, career websites throughout USA and Canada. Google her name “Sharon B. Cohen.” 

Sharon takes the stress, fear and guesswork out of career transitions!

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