MBA Programs - Terry College of Business - University of Georgia

Compare Georgia MBA Programs

We offer three different MBA programs to fit your career goals and schedule.

Full-Time MBA

Best for career development
40+ hours/week

Professional MBA

Best for balancing school, work & life
20+ hours/week

Executive MBA

Best for leadership advancement
20+ hours/week



Main UGA Campus (Athens)

Terry Executive Education Center (Buckhead)

Terry Executive Education Center (Buckhead)

Program Format

100% classroom instruction

70% classroom instruction
30% distance learning

50% classroom instruction
50% distance learning

Class Structure

Traditional classroom experience, (Monday–Thursday, 8am–5pm)

Two evenings (6–9pm) for two consecutive weeks followed by one distance week

Weekends (Fri/Sat) once per month; two one-week campus residencies, two-week international residency


See FTMBA tuition breakdown

See PMBA tuition breakdown

See EMBA tuition breakdown

Annual Incoming Enrollment

50–75 students

125–150 students

35–45 students

Class Profile

See FTMBA class profile breakdown

See PMBA class profile breakdown

See EMBA class profile breakdown

Admissions Deadline

4 deadlines, October - March

May 30

June 30

Start Date




Program Duration

22 months

23 months

18 months

Curriculum & International Development



Cohort Model/Student Groups


Leadership Certificate Program




Executive Leadership Development



International Experience

Opportunity for a 10-day international trip

Opportunity for a 10-day international trip

Inclusive 12-day international trip

Ready to go deeper?

Full-Time MBA

Professional MBA

Executive MBA

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