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GMAT Waiver Information

The GMAT waiver option is only available to UGA BBA Accounting students. All non-UGA applicants MUST submit a valid GMAT score with their application to be considered for admission to the program.

Attention Tull Students: if you qualify, you can be admitted to the UGA MAcc (5-year BBA/MAcc or traditional 1-year MAcc) program without taking the GMAT. Here are the details:
UGA Accounting majors must have grades for Intermediate I and II, Tax and Cost in order to apply for the GMAT waiver. These courses cannot be in progress. 

Students meeting the following criteria can waive the GMAT requirement admission:

  • Record no more than one withdrawal (W) in an upper-level accounting course
  • Attain a 3.5 GPA or higher in upper-level ACCT courses (ACCT courses numbered 5000 or higher, excluding ACCT 5710 & 5720 [Professional Accounting I and II])
  • Attain a 3.7 or higher GPA overall

Still not sure if you're eligible? Follow the steps below and see if you qualify for the GMAT Waiver:

1. Check your upper level ACCT GPA here. Remember: ACCT 2101, 2102, 5710 & 5720 do not count for this purpose.
2. Is your ACCT GPA a 3.5 or higher? If so, go to step 3.
3. Go to Athena and check your overall GPA. Is it a 3.7 or higher? If so, go to Step 4.
4. Do you have at most 1 W in an upper level ACCT course? If so, go to Step 5.
5. You are eligible to apply to the UGA MAcc program with no GMAT required.

You WILL still be eligible for graduate assistantships and other financial aid, so apply by the tuition assistance deadline if you wish to be considered.

Please email ugamacc@uga.edu with additional questions or concerns.

*Double Dawg students who are not Accounting majors and applicants external to UGA do not qualify for the GMAT waiver.


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Elizabeth Lutz

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