Terry College of Business - University of Georgia


The Double Dawg BBA/MAcc Program is an opportunity for non-accounting majors. If you are an accounting major, please refer to the 5-Year BBA/MAcc program.

Step 1: Interested in the BBA/MAcc Double Dawg Program?

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Step 2: To be eligible to proceed from your BBA program directly into the MAcc program, you will use your Terry Electives (12 hours) or other electives to complete the following four ACCT courses:

If you do not have sufficient elective hours to complete these four courses for credit towards your BBA, then you must complete the hours in addition to the requirements for your BBA.

Step 3: Upon completion of these four courses you would be eligible to apply for the MAcc degree with a focus in Advisory. You will be required to complete the following courses to receive your MAcc degree:

Required Accounting Courses (18 hours)

Accounting Electives (3 hours)

Advisory Electives (9 hours)

  • Students will choose an area of focus and take 9 credit hours in that one area

NOTE: You will have sufficient credit hours upon completion of the BBA/MAcc to sit for the CPA exam.

Step 4
: Graduate with your BBA/MAcc!