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Digital Transformation Symposium


Digital Transformation guides professionals through the fundamentals and technologies needed to transform their business. This program brings professional leaders together to learn, explore, and share best practices to prepare their organization for change.

The five-week online program is led by University of Georgia faculty, Ad Victoriam executives, and Ad Victoriam clients so attendees benefit from both academic and current real-world experiences and are optimally positioned to drive digital transformation.

The program discusses the framework for planning a digital transformation to influence change in an evolving global economy. Learners examine key fundamentals and current technologies to drive change, automate processes, and transform their business by exploring emerging trends, current knowledge, and relevant concepts in digital transformation.

Who will benefit

  • Individual contributors, managers, leaders, and emerging leaders looking to create and/or deploy an effective and efficient digital strategy to lead their business unit or firm, regardless of industry
  • Leaders who want to innovate, compete, and align their data, processes, and technology


  • Learn to drive change, automate processes, and transform your business
  • Explore emerging trends, current knowledge, and relevant concepts in digital transformation
  • Learn, grow, and share ideas that help keep you and your organization competitive, knowledgeable, and able to capitalize on opportunities in your industry

Cost: $395

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Online via Zoom and eLC


Rick Watson, PhD

Dr. Richard "Rick" Watson serves as the Regents Professor & J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Security in the Terry College of Business.

Program Structure

Five-week online program delivered 1–2 hours each on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom and UGA’s online learning platform. Sessions and topics include live lectures, discussions, and presentations from UGA faculty, industry experts, and practitioners.

Attendees will also benefit from an online networking forum where they'll have opportunities to engage with our expert speakers, discuss real-life business scenarios, and get answers to practical questions. 

Week 1

Session Overview: The landscape of digital transformation evolves rapidly. Gain a fundamental understanding of digital transformation concepts and how to manage capital and resources to generate an ROI for your organization.

  • The Four Stages of Digital Transformation
  • Maximizing Your Digital Transformation ROI (Managing Capital/Resources)
Week 2

Session Overview: Determining business needs is critical to identifying system requirements, inputs, and outputs for an effective digital transformation in any organization. Experts and industry practitioners share best practices and industry standards to evaluate and select systems for a successful digital transformation.

  • Planning the systems required for a Digital Transformation
  • Experiential Learning: Evaluating and Selecting Systems
Week 3

Session Overview: Data governance and security are essential for any successful digital transformation initiative. Data security is vital to the success of compliance and mitigating risk. Data governance is core to managing data.

  • The Cloud, Data Governance, System Integration with APIs, Security
  • Experiential Learning: Managing Data
Week 4

Session Overview: Information provides leaders wtih insights about customers, suppliers, vendors, and helps determine future trends.  In this session, learn best practices to data mining, analytics, and how to turn data into information, including tools and software.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Technology for a Competitive Advantage
  • Experiential Learning: Customer Insights & Analytics
Week 5

Session Overview: Leaders build strategy based on market, customer, and business needs. This session equips leaders with tools to formulate strategy, develop action plans, and successfully gain support from C-Suite executives.

  • Making the C-Suite Case: Leadership and Cultural Buy-In
  • Strategic Planning, Change Leadership, and Action Plan Execution