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Certified Personal Retirement Specialist™ Blended Course

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Become a retirement specialist

While fully addressing the retirement subjects covered by CFP® certification programs, the CPRS™ program goes even further by emphasizing practical applications and cutting-edge planning techniques in the three key areas of Sales Ideas & Solutions, Asset Protection, and Real World Strategies.


Sales Ideas & Solutions
This program offers practical sales ideas and solutions by providing actionable exercises and video based examples for how to have the retirement planning conversation.

Asset Protection
Understand strategies to legally protect precious retirement assets from judgment creditors in a hostile legal environment.

Real World Strategies
Learn to marry applicable knowledge from the program to common client issues you may face in real world encounters. A select few examples include:

  • Leverage obscure Social Security alternatives to add 30% or more to
  • Master ways to add $10,000 or more to retirement income by
    reducing taxes, Medicare premiums, and after-tax health care costs
  • Discover how to use non-traditional sources of income to bolster a
    retirement plan in distress
  • Gain unlimited income tax deferral for retirement with spigot
    irrevocable trusts

Who will benefit

Anyone looking to further their financial planning career and develop confident skills to help potential clients plan their retirements.


You will have added another level of expertise to your career and have the skills needed to offer more specialized financial planning services.