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Students in a Kickstart meeting with Don Chambers of UGA

What is the Kickstart Fund?

The UGA Kickstart Fund is a student-managed initiative that provides seed privately-funded, capital grants to UGA students and faculty to support the launch or growth of a venture.  The Fund is composed of seven partners and 5-9 associates who review all student and faculty startups seeking seed grant money. The grants typically range in size from $1,000 to $5,000 and supply students with the hands-on experience of managing, investing and tracking investments in a controlled environment

A program of this nature equips tomorrow’s leaders with the skills necessary to run revenue-generating companies. From interacting with student companies to managing and considering investments, this organization offers a lot of hands-on and valuable experience that can propel students in any career.


The mission of the UGA Kickstart Fund is as follows: To promote interconnectivity amongst the University of Georgia and the greater Athens community, to provide unique and stimulating educational experiences to the members of the fund, and help promote Athens and the University of Georgia as entrepreneurial hubs on a regional and national scale.

How to Get Involved?

UGA Startups: How to Apply for Funding

Interested student and faculty startups can apply for funding through our application form. After this initial screening, members from the Fund will reach out to you to schedule an interview and get the process started

Partners and Associates

The Fund is a student-managed initiative. Applications are open to become members of the Fund.

What We've Done So Far

The Fund has already supported the growth of many student and faculty startups, through the support of generous gifts from our sponsors. Since 2019, 10 companies have been funded across multiple sectors.


Years in Business


Companies Funded


Thousand Dollars Granted Annually




The Fund is generously supported by the SunTrust Foundation and SunTrust Trusteed Foundations as part of a gift to support UGA's Entrepreneurship Program.

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