Entrepreneurship Program

For the serious self-starter, there is absolutely no better place than the University of Georgia. The UGA Entrepreneurship Program, housed in the Terry College of Business, provides a unique and comprehensive academic program that encompasses experiential learning and equips students with the tools and resources to pursue their own start-up venture.

We infuse and refine an entrepreneurial mindset in our students through transformational experiences and comprehensive academic courses. 

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Earn an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Program Offerings

Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

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The certificate is open to all UGA undergraduate students and is an invaluable learning opportunity for those interested in working for a startup or non-profit, or pursuing investment banking and angel funding.

Experiential Learning

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Beyond academics, the Entrepreneurship Program helps develop entrepreneurial skills through competitions, student groups, and campus-wide events.

Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

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The certificate is open to all UGA graduate students and provides an in-depth look at what it takes to develop an idea into a successful venture including how to build an effective team and secure funding.