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AB Selection Criteria

What’s considered in your acceptance to an economics major?

  1. Grades in ECON 2105 and/or ECON 2106
  2. Grades in Mathematics courses
    Grades in MATH 1113, 2200, 2250 and 2260 are considered.
  3. Standardized Testing
    Students are required to submit ACT or SAT scores and sub-scores to the University prior to being considered for admission to a major in the Terry College. Students may also submit a score from the ETS Proficiency Profile if they believe their ACT/SAT scores do not represent their current performance level. The ETS Proficiency Profile is a standardized, multiple-choice assessment of the academic skills developed in General Education Areas I-IV of the core curriculum (reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics). Tests are administered by the UGA Testing Center and all questions regarding testing times and costs should be directed there. Contact the UGA Testing Center online at or by calling 706-542-3183 to schedule an appointment. The ETS may be taken a maximum of three times total in your career as a UGA student.
  4. The Statement of Purpose
    A brief essay (300-400 words) in which the applicant describes his/her interest in the major and his/her future goals.
  5. Grades in prefix courses
    Grades in other previously completed ECON prefix courses can be considered, but are not required, for admission to the major.
  6. Terry Direct
    UGA students who are in good standing with the Honors Program and apply to a Terry College of Business major are guaranteed their first choice of a first (primary) major with the Terry College. This guarantee does not apply to second, double or co-majors.

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