Image Name Title Type Phone Email Office
Tracy M. Townsend Tracy M. Townsend Student Affairs Professional III Staff 706-542-3552 620 South Lumpkin Street B200E Amos Hall
Nathan Freeman Nathan Freeman Student Affairs Professional III Staff 706-542-3551 620 South Lumpkin Street B200G Amos Hall
Laura L. Clark Laura L. Clark Director of the Office of Undergraduate Programs Staff 706-542-9019 620 South Lumpkin Street B200C Amos Hall
placeholder image Dale Jacobs Student Services Assistant Staff 706-542-5725
Rachael Allen Rachael Allen Student Affairs Professional I Staff 706-713-2816 620 South Lumpkin Street B200B Amos Hall
Jessica (Jessie) Lee Daniels Jessica (Jessie) Lee Daniels Online BBA Program Coordinator Staff 706-542-3553 620 South Lumpkin Street B200F Amos Hall