Terry Staff

Name Title Type Phone Email Office
Thy Tran IT Professional Specialist Staff 404-842-4841 thy.tran1@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Pattie Strickland Associate Director Admissions, Executive and Professional MBA Programs Staff 404-467-5125 pstrickl@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Daniel Eggers Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Staff 706-542-0757 Daniel.Eggers@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E353 Ivester Hall
Merritt Melancon Public Relations Coordinator Staff 706-542-7907 jmerritt@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E330 Ivester Hall
Christina Reynolds Marketing Strategy Lead Staff 706-542-6525 Christina.Reynolds@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E342 Ivester Hall
Cam Walker Frontend Web Developer Staff 706-583-8308 cam.walker@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E334 Ivester Hall
Lauren Blais Web Team Lead Staff 706-542-4674 lblais@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E344 Ivester Hall
Lauren Miller Public Relations Specialist Staff 706-542-9770 lauren.miller25@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A114E Moore-Rooker Hall
Patty Crowe Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-3666 patty.crowe@uga.edu B462 Amos Hall
Catherine Henry Assistant Director of Donor Relations Staff (706) 542-9829 cbhenry@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420N Correll Hall
Wenonah Culpepper Office Manager Staff 706-542-3524 wenonah.culpepper@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318 Correll Hall
Patricia Zettek Director, MBA Career Management Center Staff 706-542-2070 pzettek@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318G Correll Hall
David Metcalfe Social Media Coordinator Staff 706-340-0073 dmetcalf@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E333 Ivester Hall
Marisa Castengera Graphics Designer Staff mkc@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E338 Ivester Hall
Leah Schumacher Creative Design Specialist Staff 706-542-3325 Leah.Schumacher@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E336 Ivester Hall
David Dodson Communications Director Staff 706-542-5323 ddodson@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E302 Ivester Hall
Kerry A. Terrell Marketing Director Staff 706-542-6680 kterrell@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E350 Ivester Hall
Gabe Vodicka Copywriter Staff 706-542-8943 gvodicka@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E301 Ivester Hall
Ed Morales Editor, Terry magazine Staff 706-542-5143 eduardo.morales@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E332 Ivester Hall
Art Roche Director of Creative Services Staff 706-542-0056 art.roche@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E340 Ivester Hall
James Cochran Marketing Manager Staff 706-542-8770 jcochran@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E348 Ivester Hall
Kristin J Williard Digital Content Manager Staff kjw@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E346 Ivester Hall
Jewel Caruso Marketing Office Coordinator and Merchandise Manager Staff 706-542-8593 jewelcaruso@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E335 Ivester Hall
America Seirotti Facilities Coordinator-TEEC Staff 404-842-4825 america.s@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Jeffrey (Jeff) M. Humphreys Director Staff (678) 646-9782 jhumphre@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E201 Ivester Hall
Lorena M. Akioka Managing Editor Staff 706-542-5063 lakioka@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E202 Ivester Hall
Alexandra Hill Research Professional III Staff 706-542-5073 fulmeral@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E205 Ivester Hall
Taylor Worley Research Professional II Staff 706-542-4584 tworley@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E207 Ivester Hall
Chris J. Williamson Facilities Manager II Staff 706-542-7752 chrisjw@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A101C Moore-Rooker Hall
Stan Johnson Facility Coordinator Staff 706-542-3497 stan@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A106 Moore-Rooker Hall
Elizabeth Clark Assistant Facilities Manager Staff 706-542-5586 eclark89@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A101C Moore-Rooker Hall
Leigh Britton Program Coordinator II, Full-Time MBA & MS Business Analytics Programs Staff 706-542-6101 leigh.britton@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318D Correll Hall
Kayla Hendrix Finance Career Coordinator Staff 706-542-3010 kaylahendrix@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. D334 Sanford & Barbara Orkin Hall
Monica Johnson Office Manager Staff 706-542-4590 monicaj@uga.edu 475 S. Lumpkin St. D332 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Lyndie M Mangel Assistant Director of Student Engagement Staff 706-542-4078 lmangel@uga.edu 475 S. Hull Street D338 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Samantha Sharp Student Engagement Coordinator Staff 706-542-5520 samantha.sharp@uga.edu 475 S. Hull St. D336 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Sharen Phinney Director of Undergraduate Student Services Staff 706-542-8155 sphinney@uga.edu 475 S. Hull Street D330 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Stephanie Aubone Associate Director of Programming, Executive and Professional MBA Programs Staff 404-842-4861 s.aubone@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 100 Executive Education Center
Sharon B. Cohen Senior Associate Director, Executive & Professional MBA Staff 404-842-4870 scohen1@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Rebekah McElwain Director of MBA Admissions, Executive & Professional MBA Programs Staff 404-842-4849 rebekahm@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Sue Joe Assistant Director of Career Operations Staff 404-842-4840 suejin@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Shannon Caldwell Director, Career Management Center Staff 404-842-4863 shannonc@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 300 Executive Education Center
Lauren Damouni Associate Director of Operations, Executive MBA Staff 404-842-4860 lwd@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Kristy Simpkins Associate Director of Operations, Professional MBA Staff 404-467-5127 simpkins@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Greg Armstrong Academic Affairs Coordinator, Professional MBA Programs Staff 678-985-6812 garmstro@uga.edu 2530 Sever Road 213 Gwinnett Center
John Larkin Sr. INSTRUC TECH DEV PROF SPEC Staff 706-542-6799 larkin04@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A108 Moore-Rooker Hall
Hyewon Lee Instructional Technology Development Professional Specialist (TEEC) Staff 404-842-4830 ehyewon@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
David Holbrook Systems Administrator Associate Staff 706-542-6799 david.holbrook@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E248 Ivester Hall
Natasha C. Barreto IT Senior Manager Staff 706-542-6799 nbarreto@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E250 Ivester Hall
Alexander (Alex) Medina IT Professional Specialist Staff 706-713-2841 amedina@uga.edu 640 S. Lumpkin St. E242 Ivester Hall
Stephen Rice IT and Facilities Manager (TEEC) Staff 404‐467‐5131 stephen.rice@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Craig Westwood Systems Administrator Associate Staff 706-542-6799 craigw@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E252 Ivester Hall
Nana Kwabena Agyei-Owusu Application Analyst Principal Staff 706-542-6799 nana.agyeiowusu@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E223 Ivester Hall
Bradford (Brad) J. Hunt IT Executive Director Staff 706-583-0266 brad.hunt@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E230 Ivester Hall
Alex Aspley Esco Applications Analyst Associate Staff 706-542-6799 alexaspley1@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E232 Ivester Hall
Trent Sanders IT Professional Specialist Staff 706-713-2842 tsanders@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E244 Ivester hall
Laura Nelson Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-9427 lnels@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B339 Amos Hall
Kelsey Coates Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-4450 kvcoates@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B355 Amos Hall
Jill Hopkins Academic Advisor I Staff 706-542-7157 Jill.Hopkins@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. D313 Orkin Hall
Marjorie Herr Academic Advisor I Staff (706) 713-2788 Marjorie.Herr@uga.edu 475 S. Hull St.. D307 Orkin Hall
Julie T. Rhodes Education Program Specialist Staff 706-542-1157 jr22301@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B359 Amos Hall
Jennifer Lazo Application Analyst Specialist Staff 706-713-2834 jenelazo@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E215 Ivester Hall
Susan H. Kridler Information Technology Professional Associate Staff 706-542-6426 skridler@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E240 Ivester Hall
Wade Fields IT Manager Staff 650 S. Lumpkin St. E234 Ivester Hall
Jeffrey (Jeff) Hilyard IT Manager Staff 706-542-6799 jeff.hilyard@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E225 Ivester Hall
Matt Bolden Applications Analyst Staff matt.bolden@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E232 Ivester Hall
James (Jim) L Metcalf IT Senior Manager Staff 706-542-6799 james.metcalf@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. 523 Ivester Hall
William R. Foglesong Solutions Center Manager Staff 706-542-6799 William.Foglesong@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A108 Moore-Rooker Hall
Suzy Moon Administrative Specialist II Staff 706-542-7847 s.moon@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 433 Correll Hall
Gina R. Hernandez Assistant to the Senior Director for Finance and Administration Staff 706-542-3550 gina.hernandez@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 433 Correll Hall
Kathy Coleman Human Resources Coordinator Staff 706-542-9732 kcoleman@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 433 Correll Hall
Tom Lewis Associate Director Staff 706-542-7668 tomlewis@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A116B Moore-Rooker Hall
Andi Clements Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-7668 andi.clements@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A116 Moore-Rooker Hall
Lane Marie O'Kelley Student Affairs Professional I Staff 706-713-2811 lanemarieok@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A116D Moore-Rooker Hall
Courtney Aldrich Associate Director Staff 706-542-5234 aldrich@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A114A Moore-Rooker Hall
Allison Davis Porter Manager, Events and Certificate Staff 706-542-8118 adavis@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A114D Moore-Rooker Hall
Andrew Salinas Manager, Corporate Engagement Staff 706-542-8741 salinas@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318K Correll Hall
Deirdre Kane Director of MBA Admissions, Full-Time and Dual Degree Programs Staff 706-542-5671 dkane@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 314E Correll Hall
Anne C. Cooper Director of MBA Student Experience Staff 706-542-1843 acooper@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318J Correll Hall
Ashley Tiller Admissions Counselor for Full-Time MBA Programs Staff (706) 542-5671 atiller@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St.reet 314 Correll Hall
Jake Mosley Director of Student Services, FTMBA/MSBA Staff 706-583-8136 tjmosley@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318E Correll Hall
Lori Williams Student Affairs Professional Staff 706-542-3523 lori.williams@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318N Correll Hall
Joe Martin Assistant Director for Admissions Operations Staff 706-542-7577 joe.martin@uga.edu 600 South Lumpkin St. 314B Correll Hall
Cara H. Sonnier Associate Director of MBA Admissions, Full-Time and Dual Degree Programs Staff 706-542-5671 csonnier@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 314F Correll Hall
Jiwon Park Career Training & Development Specialist / Adjunct Lecturer Staff 706-542-1913 jiwonpark@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318F Correll Hall
Rachael Allen Student Affairs Professional II Staff 706-713-2816 rallen13@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B200B Amos Hall
Michele Plogh Student Services Assistant Staff 706-542-5725 michele.plogh@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B200 Amos Hall
Nathan Freeman Student Affairs Professional III Staff 706-542-3551 nathanf@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B200G Amos Hall
Laura L. Clark Director of the Office of Undergraduate Programs Staff 706-542-9019 lclark@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B200C Amos Hall
Tracy M. Townsend Student Affairs Professional III Staff 706-542-3552 ttownsen@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B200E Amos Hall
Sarah Allgood Student Engagement Coordinator Staff 706-713-2820 sallgood@uga.edu 475 S. Hull St.reet D336 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Laura Hogan Internship & Recruiting Coordinator Staff 706-713-2817 lchogan@uga.edu 475 S. Hull St.. D334 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Kim C. Smith Assistant Director of Corporate Engagement Staff 706-583-0397 kimsmith@uga.edu 475 S. Hull Street D340 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Emily Carroll Academic Advisor I Staff 706-542-7195 emilycarroll@uga.edu 475 S. Hull St. D305 Orkin Hall
Sarah Smith Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-1311 econasst@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B461 Amos Hall
Marsha S. Dickerson Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-3609 mdickers@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A307B Moore-Rooker Hall
Christie Tarpley Program Coordinator Staff 706-542-3600 ctarpley@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A306 Moore-Rooker Hall
Cordula Kalantari Administrative Associate I Staff 706-542-5532 cordula.kalantari@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A300 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jessica F. Ammons Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-3629 jfammons@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A303 Moore-Rooker Hall
Hannah Smith Academic Advisor I Staff 706-542-3597 hsmith8@uga.edu 475 S. Hull St. D315 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Dale Jacobs Academic Advisor I Staff 706-542-3770 dale.jacobs25@uga.edu 475 S. Hull Street D311 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Tonya Cox Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-3771 tonyacox@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C310B Benson Hall
Jason W. Booth Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-3767 jwbooth@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C314 Benson Hall
Jeanne Taylor MMR Program Assistant and Graduate Coordinator Assistant Staff 706-542-0426 jeanne26@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C300 Benson Hall
Elizabeth Lutz Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Coordinator Staff 706-542-3610 elizabeth@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A301 Moore-Rooker Hall
Paula M. Smith Administrative Associate I Staff 706-542-1616 psmith@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A307 Moore-Rooker Hall
Megan Henning Program Coordinator III Staff 706-542-9164 Megan.Henning@uga.edu 225 W. Broad Street Studio 225 | UGA Student Center for Entrepreneurship
Kristine (Kris) S. Moore Event Manager Staff 850-509-5248 krsmoore@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A202 Moore-Rooker Hall
Katie Carswell Event Coordinator Staff 229-344-2426 klcars11@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 202 Moore-Rooker Hall
Shannon H. Baker Event Manager - Georgia Economic Outlook Staff 706-254-7277 dawg94@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. E209 Ivester Hall
Donna F. Sisk Graduate Degree Professional Staff 706-542-6476 dsisk@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 437 Correll Hall
Lisa Griffiths Program Coordinator III Staff 404-467-5129 lisagrif@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Linda Read Director of Business Development, Executive Programs Staff 404-842-4829 linda.read@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Jason Parrish Associate Director of Learning Solutions Staff 404-842-4827 jason.parrish@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road NE, Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Gary W Sergent Associate Director of Executive Programs Staff 404-467-5130 gsergent@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Martha Pattillo Program Coordinator III Staff 404-842-4843 martha.pattillo@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road NE, Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Leslie Peters Communications Manager Staff 404-842-4851 leslie.peters@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road NE, Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Linda Dalton Administrative Assistant II Staff 706-542-4290 ldalton@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A403 Moore-Rooker Hall
Courtney Gray Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-2308 cmgray@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B405 Amos Hall
Cindy Humphries Administrative Specialist II Staff 706-542-3749 cindyhum@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 423 Correll Hall
Amelie Gregory Administrative Manager I - Assistant to the Dean Staff 706-542-5652 amelie@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 417B Correll Hall
Mary T. Evans Administrative Specialist II Staff 706-542-8068 mevans@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 427 Correll Hall
Sarah J. Fraker Sr. Director for Finance and Administration Staff 706-542-3829 fraker@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 433 Correll Hall
Keith Anderson Grants Coordinator III Staff 706-542-2945 anders13@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 432 Correll Hall
Amanda H. Sexton Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-3558 asexton@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C200B Benson Hall
John Varghese Administrative Financial Director Staff 706-542-3534 jv@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E305 Ivester Hall
Melissa DeAngelo Financial Manager of Executive Programs Staff 706-542-3531 melissa.deangelo@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E327 Ivester Hall
Angela (Tennille) Chastain Business Manager III Staff 706-542-3533 tchastan@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E317 Ivester Hall
Taylor Brooke Loggins Business Manager I Staff 706-542-3530 taylor.loggins1@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E313 Ivester Hall
Deede Walker Academic Advisor I Staff 706-542-2795 dwalker@uga.edu B401 Amos Hall
Wendy Wyatt Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-3788 wwyatt34@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A411 Moore-Rooker Hall
Andrea Burruss Regional Director Staff 678-231-4902 burrussa@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420 Correll Hall
Rachel Peoples Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Staff 706-542-4127 rpeoples@uga.edu 420H Correll Hall
Mariharden McElheny Development Coordinator Staff 706-542-4071 mcelheny@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420S Correll Hall
Melaney C. Smith Director of Prospect Management & Analytics Staff 706-542-9812 melaney.smith@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420P Correll Hall
Paul Allaire Associate Director Career Education and Advising, Full-Time MBA & MS Business Analytics Programs Staff 706-542-6255 pallaire@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318H Correll Hall
Lynsee Hamby Miller Director of Development Communications and Donor Relations Staff 706-583-0526 lynsee@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420M Correll Hall
Heather Howarth Development Officer Staff 706-542-6886 hhowarth@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420Q Correll Hall
Peyton Sketch Assistant Director of Annual Giving Staff 706-296-3099 sketch@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420F Correll Hall
Kathy Ortstadt Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations Staff 706-247-2627 ortstadt@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420L Correll Hall
Cate Scruggs Director of Annual Giving Staff 404-842-4834 cgscruggs@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Rd. NE Suite 300
Kathy D. O'Bryan Regional Director Staff 706-207-1644 kdobryan@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420R Correll Hall
Christine Trulock Smith Director of Alumni Relations Staff 706-542-9715 ctsmith@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420G Correll Hall
Brandon Cochran Regional Director Staff 706-296-2525 brandon.cochran@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420 S Correll Hall
Abby Bryant Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator Staff 706-583-0874 abby.bryant@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420J Correll Hall
Natalie Glenn Senior Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Staff 706-542-9670 nglenn@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420D Correll Hall
Elizabeth W. Kittle Assistant Editor Staff 706-542-3805 ekittle@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A419 Moore-Rooker Hall
Holly J. Alderman Assistant Director Staff 706-542-3801 alderman@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A110B Moore-Rooker Hall
Kadianne Francis Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-3700 KADIANNE.FRANCIS@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C410 Benson Hall
Becky Curry Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-3341 bcurry@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C404B Benson Hall
Leah Schettler Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-1294 lgroner@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C200 Benson Hall
Melinda L. Hobbs Senior Accountant Staff 706-542-9615 mlhobbs@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E321 Ivester Hall
Wendy Brown Senior Accountant Staff 706-542-1841 wendy.brown@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E325 Ivester Hall
Robin Brinson Business Manager I Staff 706-542-5376 robin.brinson@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E315 Ivester Hall
Gary Weed Senior Accountant Staff (706) 542-8801 gbweed@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E309 Ivester Hall
Carla Hill Senior Accountant Staff 706-542-2339 carla.hill@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E319 Ivester Hall
Erin Lancaster Business Manager II Staff 706-542-4970 erin88@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E307 Ivester Hall
Teresa Edwards Senior Accountant Staff 706-542-5130 Teresa.Edwards@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E311 Ivester Hall
Alexis Baird Accountant Staff (706) 542-5325 alexis.baird@uga.edu 650 S. Lumpkin St. E312 Ivester Hall
Kalli Drake Academic Advisor I Staff 706-542-9595 kalliadrake@uga.edu 475 S Hull Street D309 Orkin Hall
Kari Sicard Program Specialist II Staff 706-542-9285 ksicard@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A110E Moore-Rooker Hall
Nelson Millan Nales Program Specialist II Staff 706-542-9928 millannales@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A110D Moore-Rooker Hall
David Wildes Program Coordinator II Staff 706-542-3904 Joshua.Wildes@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A110C Moore-Rooker Hall
Randy Groomes Director Staff 706-542-1379 rgroomes@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. 110A Moore-Rooker Hall
Jessica (Jessie) Lee Daniels Online BBA Program Coordinator Staff 706-542-3553 daniels.jessie@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B200F Amos Hall