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Pok Man Tang

Assistant Professor


  • Texas A&M University, Mays Business School
    Ph.D. in Management (2022)                       
Prior professional positions:


  • Texas A&M University Graduate Researcher (2019 - 2022)                       
  • National University of Singapore Research Assistant (2019) 
  • BNP Paribas, Investment Banking Analyst (2017 - 2018)
  • TIBHAR Professional Athlete (2013 - 2016)
  • Levi Strauss & Co. Human Resources Specialist (2012 - 2013)
Research Interests and Areas of Expertise:
  • Human-nonhuman Interactions at work
  • Behavioral Ethics and Biases
  • Emotions and Well-being
Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

Yam, K. C., Tang, P. M., Jackson, J. C., Su, R., & Gray, K. (in press). The rise of robots increases job insecurity and maladaptive workplace behaviors: Multi-method evidence. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Yam, K. C., Tang, P. M., & Lam, C. (in press). Working with animals: Implications for employees’ compassion, awe, prosocial behavior, and task performance. Personnel Psychology.

Tang, P. M., Koopman, J., Elfenbein, H. A., Zhang, J. H., De Cremer, D., Li, C. H., & Chan, E. T. (in press). Using robots at work during the COVID‐19 crisis evokes passion decay: Evidence from field and experimental studies. Applied Psychology.

Tang, P.M., Koopman, J., McClean, S. T., Zhang, J. H., Li, C. H., De Cremer, D., ... & Ng, C. T. S. (2022). When conscientious employees meet intelligent machines: An integrative approach inspired by complementarity theory and role theory. Academy of Management Journal65(3), 1019-1054.

Tang, P. M., Ilies, R., Aw, S. S., Lin, K. J., Lee, R., & Trombini, C. (2022). How and when service beneficiaries’ gratitude enriches employees’ daily lives. Journal of Applied Psychology107(6), 987-1008.

Tang, P. M., Yam, K. C., Koopman, J., & Ilies, R. (2022). Admired and disgusted? Third parties’ paradoxical emotional reactions and behavioral consequences towards others’ unethical pro‐organizational behavior. Personnel Psychology75(1), 33-67.

Yam, K. C., Bigman, Y. E., Tang, P. M., Ilies, R., De Cremer, D., Soh, H., & Gray, K. (2021). Robots at work: People prefer—and forgive—service robots with perceived feelings. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(10), 1557–1572.

Tang, P. M., Yam, K. C., & Koopman, J. (2020). Feeling proud but guilty? Unpacking the paradoxical nature of unethical pro-organizational behavior. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes160, 68-86.

Book Chapter

Chan, E., Tang, P. M., & Chen, S. Female entrepreneurs. (2020). In Cheung, F.M., & Halpern, D. (Eds), Cambridge International Handbook of Psychology of Women.