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Farhan Iqbal

Doctoral Student

Farhan Iqbal is a doctoral candidate in the University of Georgia’s Management department (Strategy & Entrepreneurship). He received his undergraduate in Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Prior to entering academia, he worked at The Iconic in Sydney, Australia and the Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo near Dallas, Texas.

Farhan's research takes on a behavioral perspective to study stakeholders’ perceptions of firms, including reputation, legitimacy, and social approval. He studies these perceptions primarily in the contexts of crisis management and corporate sociopolitical activism. Across his research, he pays particular attention to the media as a focal actor. Empirically, he utilizes natural language processing, econometrics, and quasi-experimental methodologies. He enjoys developing new research methodologies and identification strategies.

His research has been published in Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, and Research Methodology for Strategy and Management.


BBA, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, 2014

Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

  • Bundy, J., Iqbal, F., & Pfarrer, M. D. 2021. Reputations in Flux: How a firm defends its multiple reputations in response to different violations. Strategic Management Journal, 42(6): 1109-1138.

Book Chapters

  • Iqbal, F., Bundy, J., & Pfarrer, M.D. 2021. Advancing research methods in crisis management. In Hill, A.D., Lê, J.K., McKenny, A.F., O'Kane, P., Paroutis, S. and Smith, A.D. (Eds.), Research in Times of Crisis (Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, Vol. 13): 53-73. Emerald Publishing Limited.