Master of Marketing Research

Name Title Type Phone Email Office
Candice R. Hollenbeck Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-3765 630 S. Lumpkin St. C322 Benson Hall
Kristy McManus Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-3174 630 S. Lumpkin St. C321 Benson Hall
Julio Sevilla Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-9385 630 S. Lumpkin St. C317 Benson Hall
Jeanne Taylor MMR Program Assistant and Graduate Coordinator Assistant Staff 706-542-0426 630 S. Lumpkin St. C300 Benson Hall
Marcus Cunha Jr. Professor and Director Faculty 706-542-3468 630 S. Lumpkin St. C302 Benson Hall
John C. Wurst Senior Lecturer Faculty 630 S. Lumpkin St. C304 Benson Hall
Charlotte Mason Professor and C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Chair of Business Administration Faculty 706-542-3776 630 S. Lumpkin St. C310A Benson Hall
John Hulland Department Head and Emily H. and Charles M. Tanner Jr., Chair in Sales Management Faculty 630 S. Lumpkin St. C303 Benson Hall