Eric Bogert
Department of Management Information Systems

Doctoral Candidate

B425 Amos Hall
620 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens, GA, 30602
Email Address


Courses Taught:
MIST 5750: Business Process Management (Spring 2019, Fall 2020)
MIST 5900: Directed Reading (Summer 2020)


University of Georgia - Ph.D. in Management Information Systems - 2021 (intended)
University of Georgia - BBA in Management Information Systems and Finance - 2013

Research Interests

Decision Sciences, Misinformation, Algorithmic Appreciation, Cognition Online

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Bogert, EWatson, R. Schecter, A.,  Preregistration in Information Systems Research. Accepted at Communications of the Association for Information Systems. 
Bogert, E
. Watson, R. Schecter, A. “The Wisdom of Artificially Intelligent Crowds” Americas Conference on Information Systems, (August 2020)
Bogert, E. Watson, R. Schecter, A. “Artificial and Human Intelligence in Creative Tasks” Americas Conference on Information Systems, (August 2020)
Bogert, E. “Mechanical Turk and Financial Dependency on Crowdsourcing” Americas Conference on Information Systems, New Orleans, LA, USA (August 2018)
Bogert, E., Berente, N., Schecter, A. “Digital Technology Substituting for Labor? Visual Effects and Knowledge Work in Movies” International Conference on Information Systems, San Francisco, CA, USA (December 2018)

Working Papers

Bogert, E. Watson, R. Schecter, A., Humans Respond More Strongly to Algorithmic Advice in Difficult Intellective Tasks. Target Journal: Nature Human Behavior

Bogert, E. Moravec, T. Algorithmic Appreciation in Disinformation Flags. Target Journal: Management Information Systems Quarterly

Bogert, E. Watson, R. Schecter, A., How the Difficulty of Tasks Affects Algorithmic Appreciation in Creative Tasks. Target Journal: Information Systems Research