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Department of Marketing

Assistant Professor

C331 Benson Hall
630 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens, GA, 30602
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Ph.D., Marketing, University of Washington, 2016
M.Sc., Business Administration, University of Washington, 2013
A.B., Economics, Harvard University, 2010

Prior Professional Positions

Vice President & Behavioral Scientist, Ipsos Behavioral Science Center, 2020-2021

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, 2016-2020

Areas of Expertise

  • Branding
  • Temporal and Social Comparisons
  • New Product Adoption
  • Media Consumption
  • Social Influence
  • Identity and Self-Concept

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Dagogo-Jack, Sokiente W., Joshua T. Beck, and Alex Kaju (2020), “The Effect of Duration Metrics on Consumer Satisfaction,” Psychology & Marketing, 37 (3), 441-456.
  • Dagogo-Jack, Sokiente W. and Mark R. Forehand (2018), “Egocentric Improvement Evaluations: Change in the Self as an Anchor for Brand Improvement Judgments,” Journal of Marketing Research, 55 (6), 934-950.
  • Angle, Justin W., Sokiente W. Dagogo-Jack, Mark R. Forehand, and Andrew W. Perkins (2017), “Activating Stereotypes with Brand Imagery: The Role of Viewer Political Identity,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 27 (1), 84-90.
  • Schlosser, Ann E., Ruchi R. Rikhi, and Sokiente W. Dagogo-Jack (2016), “The Ups and Downs of Visual Orientation: The Effects of Diagonals on Judgment,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26 (4), 496-509.

Book Chapters

  • Dagogo-Jack, Sokiente W. (2020), “Temporal Identity and the Pursuit of Self-Enhancement,” in Handbook of Research on Identity Theory in Marketing (Eds. Americus Reed and Mark Forehand).