Charlotte Mason
Department of Marketing

Professor and C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Chair of Business Administration

C310A Benson Hall
630 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens, GA, 30602
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PhD, Business, Stanford University, 1985

MS, Statistics, Stanford University, 1984

MS, Industrial Engineering, Stanford University, 1978

BS, Industrial Engineering, Stanford University, 1977

Prior Professional Positions

University of North Carolina, Kenan-Flager Business School, None, 1985 to 2008

Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, Adjunct Professor, 2002 to 2002

Procter & Gamble, Management Scientist, 1978 to 1981


Hugh O. Nourse Outstanding MBA Teacher Award, Terry College of Business, 2017

University of Georgia's Women's Leadership Fellow, 2016-2017

Outstanding Service Award, University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, 2016

Best Reviewer Award, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2016

Robert B. Clarke Outstanding Educator Award, Marketing EDGE, 2014

Citation of Excellence Winner, Emerald Management Reviews, 2013

MBA Teacher of the Year Award, University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, 2010

Best Interdisciplinary Paper, Decision Sciences Institute, 1996

Chan K. Hahn Best Paper Award, Academy of Management, 1996

Outstanding Reviewer, Journal of Marketing, 1996

Doctoral Program Teaching Award, University of North Carolina, 1990


AMA Academic Council, Member, 2008 – 2011, Professional

Marketing EDGE, Board Member, 2011 – present, Professional

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Direct Marketing

Research Interests

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Mason,Charlotte and Kaushik Jayaram (2018): "Don’t Get Eaten! Understanding and Handling Cannibalization Risk", GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, Vol. 10, No. 1 (May), pp. 34-39. 
  • Lurie, Nicholas H. , Jonah Berger, Zoey Chen, Beibei Li, Hongju Liu, Charlotte H. Mason, David M. Muir, Grant Packard, Joseph Pancras, Ann Schlosser, Baohong Sun, Raj Venkatesan (2018), “Everywhere and at All Times: Mobility, Consumer Decision Making, and Choice”,  Customer Needs and Solutions,Vol. 5, Issue 1-2, pp 15-27.
  • Hollenbeck, Candice, Charlotte H. Mason and JiHee Song (2011), “Enhancing Student Learning in Marketing Courses: An Exploration of Fundamental Principles for Website Platforms,” Journal of Marketing Education, Vol. 33 (2), pages 171-182.
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  • Srinivasan, V. and Charlotte H. Mason. 1986Nonlinear Least Squares Estimation of New Product Diffusion ModelsMarketing Science, (5):169-178.

Book Chapters

Mason, Charlotte H. (2012), “V. Kumar: A Lifetime of Value to Marketing,” in Legends in Marketing: V. Kumar, Sage Publishing.

Mason, Charlotte H. and Aleda V. Roth (2009), “The Right Path to SCM-CRM Integration,” in Handbook of Research on Enterprise Systems, J. Gupta and S. Sharma (editors), IGI Global, pages 134-151.


  • Mason, Charlotte and William D. Perreault, Jr. 2002The Marketing Game! McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Editorial Appointments

Advisory Board, Journal of Relationship Marketing, 2005 - present

Editorial Board, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 1997 - present

Editorial Board, Journal of Marketing, 1990 - 1999, 2016 - 2018

Editorial Board, Journal of Marketing Research, 1993 - 2003