Farhan Iqbal
Department of Management

Doctoral Candidate

C240 Benson Hall
630 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens, GA, 30602
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Farhan Iqbal is a doctoral candidate in the University of Georgia’s Management department (Strategy & Entrepreneurship). He received his undergraduate in Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Prior to entering academia, he worked at The Iconic in Sydney, Australia and the Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo near Dallas, Texas.

His research takes a sociological perspective to study organizations and their behaviors. In this space, he focuses on two related areas of study. First, he studies social evaluations of firms, including reputation, status, and social approval. Second, he studies firm involvement in political activity as well as sociopolitical activism. More specifically, he studies their effects on government relations, policy, and social evaluations. At a high level, his research aims to understand the influence of organizations’ behaviors on society at large.

Additionally, Farhan studies how researchers can improve their research methods, such as identification and content analysis.


BBA, Marketing, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, 2014