Farhan Iqbal
Department of Management

Doctoral Candidate

C240 Benson Hall
630 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens, GA, 30602
Email Address


BBA, Marketing, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, 2014

Research Interests

Farhan's research broadly focuses on (a) social perceptions of the firm, (b) the influence of business on politics and society, and (c) how organizational researchers can improve their research methods.

Selected Publications

Working Papers

Bundy, J., Pfarrer, M. D., & Iqbal, F. [Reputation] | Second revision requested at Strategic Management Journal. (Note: title redacted to preserve the blind peer review process.)

Iqbal, F. & Graffin, S. D. [Organizational Impression Management] | Under initial review at Academy of Management Review(Note: title redacted to preserve the blind peer review process.)

Iqbal, F., Pfarrer, M. D., & Bundy, J. Managing multiple social evaluations in a crisis | Late-stage manuscript, preparing for submission to Academy of Management Review.

Iqbal, F., Pfarrer, M. D, & Bundy, J. Sociopolitical activism and social approval: An alternative explanation for corporate political activity | Data collection.

Murray, A., Iqbal, F., & Cohen, S. How early-stage ventures manage internal legitimacy jolts with initial resource providers | Early-stage manuscript.

Iqbal, F.  Measuring strategic change: A critique and recommendations for the future | Data collection.

Iqbal, F.  Revisiting the (ir)relevance of stock market returns in strategic management research | Data collection.