B322 Amos Hall
Department of Finance

Augustus H. "Billy" Sterne Chair of Banking and Finance

B322 Amos Hall
620 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens, GA, 30602
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PhD, Economics, Ohio State University, 1983

MA, Economics, Ohio State University, 1980

BA, Economics, Summa cum Laude, Washington State University, 1978


Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Georgia, 2017

Finalist, Outstanding MBA Teacher, University of Georgia, 1999

Outstanding MBA "Core" Teacher, University of Georgia MBA 1st-year class, 1997

Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, 1997

Distinguished Research Award, University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, 1994


Financial Management Association International, President, 2001 – 2002, Professional

Research Interests

  • International Finance
  • Corporate Contracting
  • Corporate Control

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • “Corporate Governance of a Multinational Enterprise: Firm, Industry and Institutional Perspectives,” with Igor Filatotchev and R. Greg Bell, 57, 1-8, 2019, Journal of Corporate Finance. (Review article for co-edited special issue.)
  • “Observations on research and publishing from nineteen years as editors of the Journal of Corporate Finance,” with J. Harold Mulherin and Jeffry M. Netter, 49, 120-124, 2018, Journal of Corporate Finance. (Accepted 2018)
  • “What does it take? Comparison of research standards for promotion in Finance,” with Jeffry M. Netter and William P. Kieser, 49, 379-387, 2018, Journal of Corporate Finance. (Accepted 2018)
  • “The determinants of buyout returns: Does transaction strategy matter?” with Brian Ayash and Robert P. Bartlett, III, 46, 342-360, 2017 Journal of Corporate Finance. (Accepted 2017)
  • “Foreign independent directors and the quality of legal institutions,” with Mihail Miletkov and Jide Wintoki, Journal of International Business Studies, 48, 267-292, 2017. (Accepted 2016)
  • “The role of corporate board structure in attracting foreign investors,” with Mihael Miletkov and Jide Wintoki, Journal of Corporate Finance, 29, 143-157, 2014. (Winner, 2014 Outstanding Paper Award in International Finance at the Eastern Finance Association) (Accepted 2014)
  • Buchanan, B., Netter, J., Poulsen, A., & Yang, T. 2012Shareholder Proposal Rules and Practice: Evidence from a Comparison of the US and UKAmerican Business Law Journal
  • Morgan, A., Poulsen, A., Wolf, T., & Yang, T. 2011Mutual Funds as Monitors: Evidence From Mutual Fund VotingJournal Of Corporate Finance17:914-928
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  • With Naveen Khanna. 1995Managers in Financially Distressed Firms: Villains or Scapegoats?Journal Of Finance, (50):919-940
  • With Larry Lang and Rene Stulz. 1995Asset Sales, Firm Performance, and the Agency Costs of Managerial Discretion.Journal Of Financial Economics, (37):3-38.

Book Chapters

Editorial Appointments

Managing Co-Editor, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2001 - 2018

Associate Editor, Financial Management, 1999 - 2018

Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Research, 1993 - 2015