Terry Faculty

Name Title Type Phone Email Office
Tina D. Carpenter Associate Professor, EY Faculty Fellow Faculty 706-542-3619 tcarpenter@terry.uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A324 Moore-Rooker Hall
James Matusik Assistant Professor Faculty james.matusik@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C207 Benson Hall
Fadel Matta Terry Dean’s Advisory Council Distinguished Professor | Associate Professor Faculty fmatta@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C217 Benson Hall
Lindsay Sain Jones Assistant Professor Faculty (706) 542-3235 lsainjones@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A419 Moore-Rooker Hall
Margaret Christ Professor, PwC Faculty Fellow Faculty 706-542-3602 mchrist@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A327 Moore-Rooker Hall
William D. Lastrapes Professor and Bernard B. and Eugenia A. Ramsey Chair of Private Enterprise Faculty 706-542-3569 last@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B451 Amos Hall
Anindita Chakravarty Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-9558 achakra@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C327 Benson Hall
Karen Aguar Lecturer Faculty kaguar@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C428 Benson Hall
Hani Safadi Assistant Professor Faculty hanisaf@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C420 Benson Hall
James M. Carson Daniel P. Amos Distinguished Professor in Insurance Faculty 706-542-3803 jcarson@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A424 Moore-Rooker Hall
Amanda G. Farmer Lecturer Faculty 706-542-8613 afarmer@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B300 Amos Hall
Benjamin (Ben) C. Whipple Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-3615 bwhipple@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A319 Moore-Rooker Hall
Timothy A. (Tim) Keadle Executive in Residence Faculty 706-542-5954 tkeadle@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. B304 Amos Hall
John L. Turner Jasper N. Dorsey Chair of Public Utilities Economics Faculty 706-542-4876 jlturner@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B428A Amos Hall
Marie S. Mitchell Professor of Management and I. W. Cousins Professor of Business Ethics Faculty msmitche@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C206 Benson Hall
Robert (Bob) Bostrom Professor Emeritus Faculty bostrom@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C425 Benson Hall
Jie (Jack) He Mercer W. Hull Professor in Finance Faculty jiehe@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B318 Amos Hall
Amrit Tiwana L. Edmund Rast Professor of Business Faculty tiwana@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C421 Benson Hall
David Eckles P. George Benson Professor Faculty 706-542-3578 deckles@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A428 Moore-Rooker Hall
Omer Lee Jr. Reed Professor Emeritus Faculty oleereed@gmail.com
Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander Associate Professor Emeritus Faculty 706-542-3438 dawndba@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A413 Moore-Rooker Hall
Dave Chatterjee Associate Professor Faculty dchatte@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B220F Amos Hall
Mike Schuster Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-4290 Mike.Schuster@uga.edu Moore-Rooker Hall Room A402
Hugh James Watson Part-Time Professor Faculty hwatson@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C429 Benson Hall
Balaram Tidhi Part-time Instructor Faculty balaram@uga.edu 475 S. Hull Street D323 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Nikhil Srinivasan Lecturer Faculty nsrini@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C416 Benson Hall
Pouya Rahmati Assistant Professor Faculty rahmati@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C425 Benson Hall
Aaron Schecter Assistant Professor Faculty aschecter@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C419 Benson Hall
Elena Karahanna C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair of Business Administration & UGA Distinguished Research Professor Faculty ekarah@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C413 Benson Hall
Marie-Claude (Maric) Boudreau Department Head & Associate Professor Faculty 706-583-0887 mcboudre@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C404A Benson Hall
Karim Jetha Lecturer Faculty kjetha@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St.reet Benson Hall C427
Patrick McKeown Professor Emeritus Faculty pmckeown@uga.edu
Abdul Sesay Assistant Professor Faculty abdul.sesay@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C424 Benson Hall
Weifeng Li Assistant Professor Faculty weifeng.li@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C422 Benson Hall
Richard (Rick) Thomas Watson Regents Professor & J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy Faculty rwatson@terry.uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C415 Benson Hall
Carolina Alves de Lima Salge Assistant Professor Faculty calsalge@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B427 Amos Hall
Mark W. Huber Senior Lecturer Faculty mhuber@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C414 Benson Hall
Ilir Hasko Adjunct Instructor Faculty 706-542-4315 ihasko@uga.edu 101 Cedar Street 217 Computing Services
Xia Zhao Assistant Professor Faculty xia.zhao@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C414 Benson Hall
Robert Trotter Part-Time Lecturer Faculty Robert.Trotter@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. B220B Amos Hall
Jeffrey Howells Temporary Lecturer Faculty jhowells@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C428 Benson Hall
Dale Louis Goodhue Professor Emeritus Faculty dgoodhue@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C424 Benson Hall
Terence Saldanha Assistant Professor Faculty terence.saldanha@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C423 Benson Hall
Tricia Jonas Hackleman Lecturer Faculty 706-542-9677 tjhlaw@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A414 Moore-Rooker Hall
Sandra G. Gustavson Professor Emeritus Faculty sgustavs@uga.edu
Jere Morehead University of Georgia President and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Faculty 706-542-1214 president@uga.edu
John Neter Professor Emeritus Faculty jneter@uga.edu
Marisa Anne Pagnattaro UGA Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Faculty 706-542-0415 pagnatta@uga.edu 220 South Jackson Street 209 Administration Building
Peter Jay Shedd Part-Time Professor Faculty pshedd@uga.edu
Leslie Jones Part Time Lecturer Faculty 620 S. Lumpkin St. B404 Amos Hall
Camilla Watson Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-5208 camillaw@uga.edu
Matthew (Matt) Roessing Lecturer Faculty 620 S. Lumpkin St. B403 Amos Hall
Usha Rodrigues Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-5562 rodrig@uga.edu
Greg Day Assistant Professor Faculty greg.day@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A402 Moore-Rooker Hall
Tim Samples Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-7349 tsamples@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A425 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jason Epstein Lecturer Faculty (706) 542-7262 jason.epstein@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B400 Amos Hall
Christopher Bruner Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-4323 christopher.bruner@uga.edu
Melissa Durkee Courtesy Appointment Faculty 706-542-1186 mjdurkee@uga.edu
Peter J. Shedd University Professor Emeritus of Legal Studies Faculty 706-543-0360 pshedd@uga.edu 187 Milledge Terrace
Martin Lucas Parker Lecturer Faculty mlparker@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C203 Benson Hall
Radina Blagoeva Assistant Professor Faculty rblagoeva@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C201 Benson Hall
James David Ledvinka Professor Emeritus Faculty ledvinka@uga.edu
James F. Cox III Professor Emeritus Faculty jcox@uga.edu
David Barnard Part-time Lecturer Faculty David.Barnard@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Michael (Mike) Hill Part-Time Instructor Faculty mikehill@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C231 Benson Hall
Tom Bramorski Lecturer Faculty 770-229-3397 bramorst@uga.edu 1109 Experiment St. 107 Flynt Building
Joanna Lin Assistant Professor Faculty joannalin@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C203 Benson Hall
Robert J. Vandenberg Department Head and Robert O. Arnold Professor of Business Faculty 706-542-3720 rvandenb@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C200A Benson Hall
Erin C. Long Assistant Professor Faculty erin.long@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C215 Benson Hall
Jackson Montgomery Part-Time Lecturer Faculty 706‑542‑3000 jack.montgomery@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Davis K. Roscoe Professor Emeritus Faculty rdavis@uga.edu
Jessica Beth Rodell William Harry Willson Distinguished Chair Faculty jrodell@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C214 Benson Hall
James H. Hopkins Lecturer Faculty hopkins@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C224 Benson Hall
Susan Cohen Assistant Professor Faculty susan.cohen@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C205 Benson Hall
Darren K. Hayunga Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-1365 hayunga@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A418 Moore-Rooker Hall
James (Jim) Conklin Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-4223 jnc152@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A423 Moore-Rooker Hall
James B. Kau C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair in Business Administration, Emeritus Faculty 706-542-3805 jkau@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A421 Moore-Rooker Hall
Ruchi Singh Assistant Professor Faculty 706-713-2824 ruchi.singh@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A429 Moore-Rooker Hall
John Colclough Part-time Instructor Faculty 706-713-2823 colcloug@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B404 Amos Hall
Donald P. Addison II Lecturer Faculty 706-542-9770 donald.addisonii@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A114C Moore-Rooker Hall
Laura M Little Synovus Director of the Institute for Leadership Advancement and Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-9770 lmlittle@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A114B Moore-Rooker Hall
Andrew Rieger Part Time Lecturer Faculty 706-202-7754 elf23@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A116C Moore-Rooker Hall
David Barbe Director and Lecturer Faculty 706-542-7668 dbarbe@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A116A Moore-Rooker Hall
Daniel Charles Feldman Professor Emeritus Faculty dfeldman@uga.edu
Carl Nicpon Part-Time Instructor Faculty 404-309-0909 nicpon@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 300 Executive Education Center
Seung-Hwan Jeong Assistant Professor Faculty seung.jeong@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C211 Benson Hall
Jan Zantinga Lecturer Faculty zantinga@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C236 Benson Hall
James Michael Lahiff Professor Emeritus Faculty jlahiff@uga.edu
Michael McCathren Part-time Instructor Faculty Michael.McCathren@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Archie B. Carroll Professor Emeritus Faculty acarroll@uga.edu
Susan Brown Part-time Lecturer Faculty susan.brown@uga.edu
Robert Donn Gatewood Professor Emeritus Faculty gatewood@uga.edu
Charles Lyons Senior Lecturer Faculty cwl@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C202 Benson Hall
Benjamin C. Ayers Dean and Earl Davis Chair in Taxation Faculty 706-542-8100 busdean@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 417A Correll Hall
David G. McCarthy Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-8352 dmccarth@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A415 Moore-Rooker Hall
Henry J. Munneke Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Roy Adams Dorsey Distinguished Chair in Real Estate Faculty 706-542-8414 hmunneke@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 427 Correll Hall
Daniel Carlyle Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-1721 djcarlyle@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B405 Amos Hall
Paul J. Holmes Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-4663 pholmes@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B220E Amos Hall
Rob Hoyt Department Head and Dudley L. Moore Jr. Chair of Insurance Faculty 706-542-4290 rhoyt@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A405 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jennifer Atkinson Lecturer Faculty 706-542-2169 jenatk@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A416 Moore-Rooker Hall
Steven Pottier Professor Faculty 706-542-3786 spottier@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A420 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jack Osborn Morse Jr. Lecturer Faculty 706-542-4290 jackatl@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B220G Amos Hall
Daniel Brown Lecturer Faculty (706) 542-8184 djbrown@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. B402 Amos Hall
Marc A. Ragin Assistant Professor Faculty 706-713-2775 mragin@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A417 Moore-Rooker Hall
Joshua Frederick Part-Time Lecturer Faculty 706-542-4290 jdf58625@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. B415 Moore-Rooker Hall
Tom Edmunds Part-time Lecturer Faculty thomas.edmunds1@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St B311 Amos Hall
Paul Bryan Part-Time Instructor Faculty 706-542-3336 pbryan@uga.edu 310 Herty Drive 312 Brooks Hall
Charles Hudson Part-Time Instructor Faculty 706-542-3336 chudson@aduci.com 310 Herty Drive 312 Brooks Hall
Donald Chambers Lecturer and Associate Director, Entrepreneurship Program Faculty Donald.Chambers@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B220G Amos Hall
James Flannery Lecturer Faculty jimflan@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B220G Amos Hall
Robert (Bob) Howe Pinckney IV Milton Anthony (Tony) Greene Director of Entrepreneurship and Lecturer Faculty 713-582-2040 bobpinckney@uga.edu 225 W. Broad Street Studio 225 Room 101D
Tim Martin Adjunct Lecturer Faculty tim.martin@uga.edu 225 W. Broad Street, Studio 225
David Sutherland II Senior Lecturer Faculty 404-312-6402 desuth@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 300 Executive Education Center
Sarah L. Banghart Lecturer Faculty 706-713-2772 sbanghart@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A332 Moore-Rooker Hall
Holley W. Schramski Lecturer Faculty 706-542-1078 hschrams@uga.edu B305 Amos Hall Terry College of Business Amos Hall B305
Jennifer McCallen Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-3596 jennifer.mccallen@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A325 Moore-Rooker Hall
Dennis (Denny) R. Beresford Executive-in-Residence Faculty 706-542-3502 dberesfo@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. B304 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jennifer J. Gaver James Don Edwards Chair in Corporate Accounting Policy Faculty 706-542-3699 jgaver@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A326 Moore-Rooker Hall
Karen Czarick Part-Time Instructor Faculty 706-542-1616 kczarick@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A304 Moore-Rooker Hall
Paul Streer Professor Emeritus Faculty pstreer@hotmail.com
Marianne G. Fortuna Lecturer Faculty mfortuna@uga.edu 1109 Experiment St. 107 Flynt Building
Carl Warren Professor Emeritus Faculty Carl_Warren@msn.com
Linda Smith Bamber Professor Emeritus Faculty lbamber@uga.edu
Holly R. Hawk Lecturer Faculty 706-542-5954 hrhawk@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B303 Amos Hall
Scott Law Part-time Lecturer Faculty scott.law@rsmus.com
Paul Demere Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-3626 pauldemere@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A323 Moore-Rooker Hall
Robert Resutek Associate Professor and Frazier & Deeter Faculty Fellow Faculty 706-542-3617 rresutek@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A320 Moore-Rooker Hall
Stephen P. Baginski Herbert E. Miller Chair in Financial Accounting Faculty 706-542-3608 baginski@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A334 Moore-Rooker Hall
Gordon May Associate Professor Emeritus Faculty gmay@mindspring.com
E. Michael Bamber Professor Emeritus Faculty mbamber@uga.edu
Theodore (Ted) E. Christensen Director and C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair of Business Faculty 706-542-1616 tedchris@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A307A Moore-Rooker Hall
Jennifer L. Chapman Senior Lecturer, International Programs Director, MAcc Program Director, and Tull School AACSB Coordinator Faculty 706-542-3632 jennchap@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A302 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jason W. Matthews Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Programs, DHG Faculty Fellow Faculty 706-542-3628 jwmatthe@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A305 Moore-Rooker Hall
Kristen Valentine Assistant Professor Faculty 706-713-2789 Kristen.Valentine@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A315 Moore-Rooker Hall
Julie McGinty Part-Time Instructor Faculty 706-542-1616 mcginty@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B301 Amos Hall
Frank L Heflin Professor and Deloitte Endowed Faculty Fellow Faculty 706-542-3501 fheflin@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A318 Moore-Rooker Hall
Erin M. Towery Associate Professor, KPMG Faculty Fellow Faculty 706-542-3620 etowery@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A322 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jane (Zhiyan) Song Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-3601 jane.song@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A321 Moore-Rooker Hall
Swati Bhandarkar Lecturer Faculty 706-542-4672 sbhan@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B302 Amos Hall
Randolph (Skip) Shockley Associate Professor Emeritus Faculty rshockle@uga.edu
Nikki Skinner Assistant Professor Faculty 706-713-2773 Nikki.Skinner@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A317 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jacqueline S. Hammersley Harold M. Heckman Chair of Public Accounting Faculty 706-542-3500 jhammers@uga.edu 415 S. Hull St. A328 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jennifer J. Rivers Lecturer, CohnReznick Faculty Fellow, and Beta Alpha Psi Advisor Faculty 706-542-3625 jjrivers@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A333 Moore-Rooker Hall
Santhosh Ramalingegowda Associate Professor, Deloitte Faculty Fellow, J. Hatten Howard III Teaching Professor Faculty 706-542-3612 smr@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A330 Moore-Rooker Hall
Laura Sawyer Courtesy Appointment Faculty 706-542-7140 lphillipssawyer@uga.edu
Carolina Caetano Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-4713 carol.caetano@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. C401 Amos Hall
Donald Keenan Professor Emeritus Faculty donald.keenan@U-CERGY.FR
David R. Kamerschen Professor Emeritus and former Jasper Dorsey Chair of Public Utilities Faculty 770-476-5657 davidk@uga.edu 3818 Sweet Bottom Drive
Charles Delorme Jr. Professor Emeritus Faculty
Nathan Yoder Assistant Professor Faculty nathan.yoder@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B428B Amos Hall
Alice Kinman Senior Lecturer Faculty akinman@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B433 Amos Hall
David B. Mustard Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Faculty 706-338-4553 mustard@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B406 Amos Hall
Alice Schoonbroodt Part-time Lecturer Faculty alice.Schoonbroodt@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. B404 Amos Hall
Al Danielsen Professor Emeritus Faculty danielsen@bellsouth.net
Peter Newberry Assistant Professor Faculty pwnewberry@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St B424 Amos Hall
Jason C. Rudbeck Senior Lecturer Faculty rudbeck@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B432 Amos Hall
W. David (David) Bradford Adjunct Professor Faculty 706-542-2731 bradfowd@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. 201C Baldwin Hall
Richard Timberlake Professor Emeritus Faculty rightim@earthlink.net
Jeff Thurk Assistant Professor Faculty jeff.thurk@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B422 Amos Hall
Gregorio Caetano Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-4765 gregorio.caetano@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. C402 Amos Hall
Martin Gervais Alumni Board Distinguished Professor Faculty martin.gervais@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B453 Amos Hall
Scott E. Atkinson Professor Emeritus and former Jasper Dorsey Chair Faculty atknsn@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B428A Amos Hall
Art Snow Beadles Professor Emeritus Faculty
Dwight R. Lee Professor Emeritus Faculty dwightl@uga.edu
Katherine T. McClain Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-3697 kmcclain@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B437 Amos Hall
Ronald S. Warren Professor Emeritus Faculty warren@uga.edu
Eli Sellinger-Liebman Assistant Professor Faculty eli.liebman@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B428 Amos Hall
Roozbeh Hosseini Associate Professor Faculty roozbeh@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B457 Amos Hall
Josh Kinsler Associate Professor Faculty jkinsler@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B414 Amos Hall
Ian Schmutte Associate Professor Faculty schmutte@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B408 Amos Hall
Meghan Skira Associate Professor Faculty skira@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B416 Amos Hall
Morgan Taylor Lecturer Faculty morgan.taylor1@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B434 Amos Hall
Ben Ward Lecturer Faculty benjamin.ward@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. B436 Amos Hall
Svetlana Pashchenko Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-3667 svetlana@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B455 Amos Hall
Tom McGahee Lecturer Faculty 706-542-4839 tmcgahee@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. B435 Amos Hall
George A. Selgin Professor Emeritus Faculty gselgin@cato.org
Matt Knepper Assistant Professor Faculty mknepper@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B418 Amos Hall
Johannes Kohler Lecturer Faculty johannes.kohler@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B338 Amos Hall
Daniel Rettl Assistant Professor Faculty daniel.rettl@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B328 Amos Hall
James (Jim) A. Verbrugge Professor Emeritus Faculty jverbrug@uga.edu
Matej (Matt) Blasko Lecturer Faculty mblasko@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B330 Amos Hall
Malcolm Wardlaw Assistant Professor Faculty (706) 542-0356 Malcolm.Wardlaw@uga.edu 620 South Lumpkin St. B332 Amos Hall
Joseph Sinkey Professor Emeritus Faculty jsinkey@uga.edu
Jeffry (Jeff) M. Netter Department Head Faculty 706-542-4450 jnetter@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B359A Amos Hall
Robert Heller Lecturer Faculty rheller@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B362 Amos Hall
Siddharth Vij Assistant Professor Faculty siddharth.vij@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B324 Amos Hall
Myra L. Moore Director of Assessment and Rankings and Senior Lecturer Faculty mmoore2@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B320 Amos Hall
John Hund Assistant Professor Faculty jhund@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B310 Amos Hall
James A. Johnson Director, Benn Capital Markets Lab and Lecturer Faculty 706-542-5851 jamesaj@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B335 Amos Hall
Annette B. Poulsen Augustus H. "Billy" Sterne Chair of Banking and Finance Faculty apoulsen@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B322 Amos Hall
Nikhil Paradkar Assistant Professor Faculty nikhil.paradkar@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B351 Amos Hall
Kayla Freeman Assistant Professor in Finance Faculty Kayla.Freeman@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B326 Amos Hall
Christopher (Chris) R. Pope Senior Lecturer Faculty cpope@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B361 Amos Hall
David Merwin Part-time Lecturer Faculty David.Merwin@uga.edu 3475 Lenox Road, NE Suite 300 Terry Executive Education Center
Steven Malliaris Assistant Professor Faculty sgm@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B336 Amos Hall
Zhongjin (Gene) Lu Assistant Professor Faculty zlu15@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B312 Amos Hall
Ralph E. Steuer Sanford Family Distinguished Chair in Business Faculty 706-542-3782 rsteuer@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B334 Amos Hall
Sasha Mukerjee Part-time Lecturer Faculty sasham@uga.edu
Damien Brooks Lecturer Faculty brooksd@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B306 Amos Hall
Lea Bouhakkou Lecturer Faculty Lea.Bouhakkou@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B353 Amos Hall
Ugur Lel Nalley Distinguished Chair in Finance, Associate Professor Faculty ulel@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B363 Amos Hall
Brian G. Sadler Part-Time Instructor Faculty 404-606-1076 bgsadler@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B362 Amos Hall
Paula Suh Assistant Professor Faculty paula.suh@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B314 Amos Hall
Ron Aube Part-time Instructor Faculty raube@uga.edu
Timothy (Tim) Quigley Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-1294 tquigley@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C211 Benson Hall
Mike Pfarrer Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs & C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair of Business Administration Faculty 706-542-3749 mpfarrer@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 423B Correll Hall
Santanu Chatterjee Director, Full-Time MBA & MS Business Analytics Programs and Josiah Meigs Professor of Economics Faculty 706-542-1709 schatt@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 314D Correll Hall
Pengyuan Wang Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-3540 pengyuan@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C316 Benson Hall
Richard Gooner Senior Lecturer Faculty 919-923-7000 rgooner@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C319 Benson Hall
Son K. Lam Associate Professor and Terry Dean’s Advisory Council Distinguished Professor Faculty 706-542-4531 sonlam@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C328 Benson Hall
Melvin Ray Crask Associate Professor Emeritus Faculty mcrask@uga.edu
Jennifer L Osbon Senior Lecturer Faculty jenosbon@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C325 Benson Hall
Tari Dagogo-Jack Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-3761 sdagogo@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C331 Benson Hall
Sundar Bharadwaj The Coca-Cola Company Chair of Marketing Faculty sundar@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C329 Benson Hall
H. Kevin Ellis Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-5582 kellis@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C324 Benson Hall
John C. Wurst Senior Lecturer Faculty jcwurst@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C304 Benson Hall
Piyush Kumar Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-3769 pkumar@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C320 Benson Hall
Tatiana Dyachenko Assistant Professor Faculty (706) 542-3761 tatiana.dyachenko@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St Benson Hall, C306
Kimberly D. Grantham Senior Lecturer Faculty kdg@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C323 Benson Hall
Elham Yazdani Assistant Professor Faculty elham.yazdani 630 S. Lumpkin St. C333 Benson Hall
Sarah C. Whitley Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-3768 Sarah.WhitleyC@uga.edu 630 South Lumpkin St. C326 Benson Hall
Candice R. Hollenbeck Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-3765 chollenbeck@terry.uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C322 Benson Hall
Julio Sevilla Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-9385 sevilla@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C317 Benson Hall
Jim Taylor Part-time Lecturer Faculty James.Taylor2@uga.edu 600 S. Lumpkin St. 318M Correll Hall
Hua Chen Assistant Professor Faculty huachen@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C318 Benson Hall
Marcus Cunha Jr. Professor and Director Faculty 706-542-3468 cunhamv@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C302 Benson Hall
Thomas W. Leigh Professor Emeritus Faculty tleigh@uga.edu
Kristy McManus Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-3174 kmcmanus@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C321 Benson Hall
Neil Bendle Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-3770 neil.bendle@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C305 Benson Hall
Ryan B. Dietz Lecturer of Real Estate Faculty (706) 542-3266 rdietz@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B403 Amos Hall
Laura V Zimmermann Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-1311 lvzimmer@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B410 Amos Hall
Troy A. Montgomery Lecturer Faculty tmont@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C234 Benson Hall
Brantly Callaway Assistant Professor Faculty brantly.callaway@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B404 Amos Hall
Richard Martin Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-3585 rmart@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A426 Moore-Rooker Hall
Daniel Gamache Associate Professor Faculty dgamache@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C209 Benson Hall
Pekka Honkanen Assistant Professor Faculty Pekka.Honkanen@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B337 Amos Hall
Timothy (Tim) Chester Adjunct Instructor Faculty 706-542-3145 accidentalcio@uga.edu 204A Computing Services
Jacob Martin Part-time Lecturer Faculty jacobleedsmartin@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C227 Benson Hall
David Lowery Senior Lecturer Faculty dlowery@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A116C Moore-Rooker Hall
Christopher Cornwell Department Head, Professor and Simon S. Selig, Jr. Chair for Economic Growth Faculty 706-542-3670 cornwl@uga.edu 620 S. Lumpkin St. B463 Amos Hall
Alex Reed Associate Professor & Director of the Legal Studies Certificate Program Faculty 706-542-9772 areed@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A422 Moore-Rooker Hall
Rosanna K. Smith Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-8400 rosanna.smith@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C332 Benson Hall
Craig Allan Piercy Director, Master of Business Technology Program and Sr. Lecturer Faculty cpiercy@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C412 Benson Hall
John L. Campbell Professor and J.M. Tull Chair in Accounting, Ph.D. Program Director, and EY Faculty Fellow Faculty 706-542-3595 johnc@uga.edu 610 S. Lumpkin St. A329 Moore-Rooker Hall
Scott D. Graffin Professor and Synovus Chair in Servant Leadership Faculty sgraffin@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C208 Benson Hall
Charlotte Mason Professor and C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Chair of Business Administration Faculty 706-542-3776 cmason@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C310A Benson Hall
John Hulland Department Head and Emily H. and Charles M. Tanner Jr., Chair in Sales Management Faculty jhulland@uga.edu 630 S. Lumpkin St. C303 Benson Hall