Consultation with a client to determine the digital, networked application need. Planning and design for a digital, networked application to satisfy client needs. Initial stages of software development and testing. Project planning and management. Interim reporting. Instruction on cutting edge topics in web design and web software development.

Duplicate Credit

Not open to students with credit in MIST 7590

Semester Course Offered

Offered fall semester every year.

Grading System

A-F (Traditional)


MIST 7520E and MIST 7530E and MIST 7570E and MIST 7571E

Nontraditional Format

This course will be taught 95% or more online.


MIST 7540 or MIST 7540E

Athena Title

Master Internet Tech Proj I

Syllabi MIST 7590E
Credit Hours 4.0