Focuses on client-side technologies used in web and mobile platforms. Technologies covered will include a selection from HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, Android, and iOS.

Oasis Title

Internet Programming II

Semester Course Offered

Offered summer semester every year.

Grading System

A-F (Traditional)


MIST 7570E

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion, students will be able to demonstrate (through completion of coursework, assignments, group projects and final exam):

  1. The ability to use the components and APIs of HTML5 (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to create interactive, client-side Web applications.
  2. The ability to create Web applications that employ dynamic, asynchronous updates of data using AJAX and JSON.
  3. The inclusion and employment of JavaScript frameworks, such as jQuery and jQuery User Interface.
  4. The conversion of web interfaces to mobile device browser pages and jQuery Mobile.
  5. The beginnings of Android native application development using Java and the Android SDK.
  6. The differences between the iOS platform and Android, including the development environments and application deployment process.
Topical Outline
  1. Overview of J2EE technology.
  2. Packaging and deploying EJB components.
  3. EJB Container Managed Persistence.
  4. EJB Container Managed Relationships.
  5. EJB Query Language.
  6. J2EE Messaging applications and message driven beans.
  7. J2EE transactions.
  8. J2EE exceptions.
  9. J2EE security.
  10. Web services with J2EE.
  11. Architecting and designing systems with J2EE.
  12. J2EE best practices.
Honor Code Reference

Students are expected to adhere strictly to the University Honor Code and Academic Honesty Policy and to follow generally accepted standards of honesty in all assignments and examinations.

Syllabi MIST 7571E
Credit Hours 3.0