The United States' growth and transformation into an industrialized nation, exploring the contributions of diverse cultural groups. The rise of the corporation, slavery, government regulation, banking, transportation, the economic role of women and minorities, the Great Depression, and rapid post-World War II growth.

Duplicate Credit

Not open to students with credit in ECON 2200, ECON 2200E or ECON 4700, ECON 6700

Semester Course Offered

Offered every year.

Grading System

A-F (Traditional)


(ECON 2105 or ECON 2105E or ECON 2105H) and (ECON 2106 or ECON 2106E or ECON 2106H) and permission of Honors

Athena Title

Economic Development of U.S. H

Syllabi ECON 2200H
Credit Hours 3.0