Accounting information systems (AIS), including the role of such systems in an organization, electronic data processing, AIS applications, AIS analysis and design, AIS controls, and the audit of AIS.

Duplicate Credit

Not open to students with credit in ACCT 5310, ACCT 7310

Semester Course Offered

Offered fall and spring semester every year.

Grading System

A-F (Traditional)


(ACCT 2102 or ACCT 2102H or ACCT 2102E) and permission of Honors

Nontraditional Format

Additional Requirements for Honors Credit: Students should turn in a comprehensive research project selected by the instructor on one of the following topics: 1) Controls in systems 2) Effects of IT on firm performance 3) IT governance 4) ERP systems 5) REA modeling 6) XBRL 7) Continuous monitoring

The project will consist of three parts: (1) Students will complete an extensive literature review (2) Students will prepare a research paper integrating and synthesizing this literature (3) Students will prepare a paper describing how the subject is implemented in practice (including the pros and cons, if applicable)

Athena Title

Systems I Honors

Syllabi ACCT 5310H
Credit Hours 3.0