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Content Analysis

Content and Textual Analysis

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What is Content Analysis?

Content analysis is a research technique used to make replicable and valid inferences by interpreting and coding textual material. By systematically evaluating texts (e.g., documents, oral communication, and graphics), qualitative data can be converted into quantitative data. Although the method has been used frequently in the social sciences, only recently has it become more prevalent among organizational scholars.

Research and Methodology

Learn more about scholars who utilize content analysis techniques and to see an overview of content analysis methodology.

Workshops and Presentations

Researchers convene annually for a Content Analysis Professional Development Workshop in conjunction with the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Resources and Publications

Learn more about content analysis resources on the Internet and to see a reference list of books and journal articles.

Who to Contact

Mike Pfarrer

Mike Pfarrer
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs & C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair in Business Administration

Mike Pfarrer has published award-winning research using content analysis techniques. He is co-organizer of an annual workshop on content analysis and is available if you’d like to learn more about content analysis, its applications for research, and its implications for business.

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