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ILA Leadership Certificate Electives

ADPR 3860 Intro Public Affairs Communication

ADPR 5140 Advertising & Society – previously 3140

ADPR 5910 Public Relations Administration

ADPR 5920 Public Relations Communications

ADPR 5990 Seminar in Advertising and Public Relations

AESC 2050 Effects of Global Agriculture on World Culture

AESC 4920S FOCUS: Service-Learning Experience

ALDR 3900S Leadership & Service – previously 3900

ALDR 4000 Directed Project in Leadership *

ALDR 4540 Leadership Ethics and Culture

AIRS 3001-3002 AF Leadership Studies I & II

BIOE 4910/4911 Capstone Design

BIOL 3900 Seminar in Practice of Medicine

BIOS 2010 Elementary Biostatistics

BIOS 3000 Intermediate Biostatistics

BUSN 3000 Applied Statistics and Data Analysis for Business – previously MSIT 3000(H) Statistical Analysis for Business

COMM/HPRB 4610 Health Communication

CMSD 3070 Critical Thinking in the Helping Professions

CVLE 4910/4911 Engineering Capstone Classes

ECHD 4020 Interpersonal Relationships

ECHD 4537/4538S Advanced Peer Leadership on Campus

ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 4000 The Economics of Human Resources

ECON 4020 Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 4450 Economic Analysis of Law

ECON 4650/6650 Economics of Organizations and Management

ECON 4750 Introduction to Econometrics

ENGL 3590W Technical and Professional Communication

ENGR 2110 Engineering Decision Making

ENVE 3510 Modeling, Statistical Analysis, and Uncertainty

ENVE 4910 Capstone Design I

ENVE 4911  Capstone Design II

FCID 3700S Social Entrepreneurship in the Arts and Sciences

FREN 4150 Business French

GLOB 3100 Introduction to Global Health

HDFS 3110 Professional Development/Community Activities

HPAM 3600 Introduction to Health Policy

HPRB 3020 Foundations of Health Promotion Professional Practice

HPRB 4400 Health Promotion Program Development

INTL 3200 Introduction to International Relations

INTL 4210 International Law

INTL 4220 International Conflict

INTL 4240 International Organization

INTL 4250 American Foreign Policy

INTL 4265 Global Simulation

INTL 4285 Crisis Diplomacy

INTL 4320 Politics of Development

INTL 4430 United States National Security Policy

INTL 4620 Human Rights

JRLC 5040/7040 Law of Mass Communications

JRLC 5040H Law of Mass Communications

JRLC 5080 International Communication

KINS 4400 Exercise and Sport Psychology

LEGL 2700 Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business

LEGL 2800H Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business

LEGL 4400/6400 Business Law

LEGL 4600/6600 Negotiation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems

MCHE 1940 ME Design Studio/Professional Practice

MCHE 2990 Engineered Systems in Society

MCHE/AENG 4910 Senior Capstone Design I

MILS 3010 Applied Leadership and Management I

MGMT 3000(H) Principles of Management

MGMT 5400 Strategic Management

MGMT 5440 Business Ethics

MGMT 5560 International Strategic Management

MGMT 5820 Human Resource Management

MGMT 5920 Organizational Behavior

MGMT 5970 Organizational Change & Innovation Management

MGMT 5980 Leadership

PHRM 3750 Pharmacy and the United States Health Care System

PHRM 3900 Pharmacy Intercommunications

PHRM 5530 Ethics in Health Care

PHIL 2020 Logic & Critical Thinking – previously PHIL 1500 

PHIL 2020H Logic and Critical Thinking

PHIL 2030 Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 3200 Ethical Theory

PHIL 3220 Biomedical Ethics

PHIL 4220 Environmental Ethics

POLS 3000 Introduction to Political Theory

POLS 4020 Political Philosophy: Hobbes to Nietzsche

PMCY 5050 Abused Drugs

PSYC 1030H General Psychology Honors

PSYC 1101 Elementary Psychology

PSYC 2101 The Psychology of Adjustment

PSYC 2150 Understanding Cultural Diversity

PSYC 2530 Mental Processes

PSYC 3200 Cultural Psychology

PSYC 3900/5100 Seminar in Psychology

PSYC 4100 Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 4130 Physiological and Comparative Psychology

PSYC 4140 Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC 4200 Social Psychology

PSYC 4230 Psychology of the Workplace

PSYC 4220 Developmental Psychology

PSYC 5100 Seminar in Psychology*

PSYC 5240 Judgment and Decision Making

SOCI 2420 Class, Status, & Power

SOCI 2820 Race and Ethnicity in America

SOCI 3010 Sociology of Culture

SOCI 3270 Personality & Social Structure

SOCI 3290 Gender and Work

SOCI 3340 Social Psychology of Race, Racism, and Discrimination

SOCI 3730 Social Psychology

SOCI 3750 Sociology of Work and Industry

SOCI 3940 Sociology of Leadership

SOCI 3950 Sociology of Organizations

SOCI 4280 Global Perspectives on Gender

SOCI 4350 Seminar in Work and Occupations*

SOWK 2155 Communication as a Helping Professional 

SPAN 4150 Business Spanish

SPCM/COMM 1100/1110 Introduction to Public Speaking

SPCM/COMM 1500/E Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

SPCM/COMM 1800 Cultural Diversity in Communication

SPCM/COMM 2150H Perspective on Public Communication

SPCM/COMM 2400 Oral Decision Making

SPCM/COMM 2550H Perspectives on Interpersonal Communication

SPCM/COMM 3200 Business and Professional Communication – Previously 2300

SPCM/COMM 3320 Environmental Communication

SPCM/COMM 3600 Small Group Communications – Previously 2510

SPCM/COMM 3820 Interracial Communication

SPCM/COMM 4220 Argumentation

SPCM/COMM 4310 Communication Strategies in Government

SPCM/COMM 4360 Communication Strategies in Social Movements

SPCM/COMM 4500 Advanced Interpersonal Communication

SPCM/COMM 4510 Nonverbal Communication

SPCM/COMM 4550 Organizational Communication

SPCM/COMM 4800 Intercultural Communication

SPCM/COMM 4900 Special Topics in Speech Communication*

STAT 2000 Introductory Statistics

STAT 2100H Introductory Statistics

STAT 3110 Introduction to Statistics for Life Science

STAT 3120 Introduction to Probability for Life Science

WMST 2010 Introduction to Women’s Studies

WMST 3110 Gender, Race, Class & Sexuality

WMST 4170S Environment, Gender, Race, Class

* These are special topic courses. Because the content of these courses will vary, they may or may not be appropriate for Certificate credit. They may only be used to fulfill Certificate elective requirements with approval of both the Certificate Program Director and the specific faculty member teaching the course.