We are excited to announce the launch of TerryConnect, an online community that connects current Terry students with Terry alumni for long term mentoring and short term (“flash”) mentoring. By creating an online profile, alumni can control the amount of student interaction they are available for and sign up to assist with particular student concerns (resume building, interviews, etc.) or as a member of a specific industry (consulting, investment banking, etc.). TerryConnect allows alumni to guide Terry students to success both during college and during the job search. Join our community today!

Long-Term Mentor Expectations:

  • Provide mentee with adequate opportunities for mentee interaction (monthly, with meetings in person as possible with schedules/locations etc.).
  • Discuss career background, experience and professional activities that have contributed to your success, your role/organization, etc.
  • Assist the mentee with setting goals and providing the necessary tools/support for successful attainment of goals.
  • Provide feedback to the steering committee on the student and the mentoring program.

Questions? Contact us for more details.

Our long-term mentorship program runs from September-May, with matches occurring in early September. Alumni who miss the matching deadline are still encouraged to join the TerryConnect platform for short-term or “flash mentoring” with students in the community.