Heritage Society

About the Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors alumni and friends who have pledged planned gifts to the University of Georgia. Among the types of planned gifts are bequests, life insurance policies, pooled income funds and charitable remainder trusts. The following individuals designated their planned gifts to the Terry College of Business and were inducted into the Heritage Society.


Heritage Society members

Emily E. Acree (d)
Mr. Peter M. Adams and Mrs. Deborah S. Adams
Anonymous (27)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Baldwin
Mrs. Bonnie B. Banks and Mr. Bernard T. Banks
Mr. and Mrs. M. Brantley Barrow
Ruth Ann Bartlett
Ellen and Duncan Beard
Mr. Gavin Beck and Mrs. Danette Beck
Mr. Troy W. Beckett and Mrs. Diana D. Beckett
Brian and Anne Beckwith
Mr. and Mrs. W. Douglas Benn
Mr. Thomas C. Berrey Jr. and Mrs. Suzanne D. Berrey
Mr. Glenn J. Black Jr. and Ms. Nancy Black
Mr. Michael W. Bone and Mrs. Lori Bone
Mr. Charles B. Bonner
Susan M. Boyd
Mr. Jason M. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Breedlove
Mr. Joseph Browne III
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Burch
Mrs. Sylvia Byrd
Ms. Elizabeth W. Camp
Mr. Max W. Carnes Jr. and Mrs. Gwendolyn Martin Carnes
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Carter
Mr. Jeffrey B. Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R. Cooke
Robert and Lynn Copeland
Mr. James C. Cripps
Matthew H. Davis
Mr. Jeffrey K. DeHaven and Mrs. Julianne E. DeHaven
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. DeMersseman
Ms. Sandra Brandt Dittus and Mr. Bill Dittus
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Douglas III
Mr. and Mrs. J. Benton Evans II
Dr. Paul E. Farr
Cindy and John Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Ferguson, III
Mrs. Linda M. Ferrante and Mr. Philip A. Ferrante
Elisha W. and Robert D. Finney
Mr. and Mrs. A. Scott Foster
Mr. Russell D. Gannaway and Mrs. Carran Gannaway
Mr. Andrew L. Ghertner and Ms. Karen McColl Ghertner
Jack and Debbie Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Godfrey
Mrs. Joy Greene
Ms. Connie R. Guy
Mrs. Barbara R. Handmacher
Mrs. Suzanne P. Henke and Mr. Brad R. Henke
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Henry
Mr. W. Ronald Hinson and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hinson
Mr. Gregory F. Holcomb and Mrs. Jennifer Holcomb
Samuel D. and Lara H. Holmes
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hoyt
Mr. William E. Jackson and Mrs. Lauren S. Jackson
Mr. Terry D. Johnson and Mrs. Gail Rogers Johnson
Mr. Harrison Jones II and Mrs. Carolyn Wise Jones
Mr. Ted Jones
Mr. Matthew W. Jones and Ms. Jennifer Jones
Charles B. Knapp and Lynne V. Knapp
Mr. David J. Koren
Mr. James L. LaBoon Jr. and Mrs. Glenda LaBoon
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan A. Lancelot
Mr. Donald M. Leebern Jr. and Ms. Suzanne Yoculan Leebern
Mr. Dan K. Lowring and Mrs. Abbie Nye Lowring
Mr. Daniell C. Marlow Sr. and Mrs. Jeanine S. Marlow
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Maxey
Karen Hoey McCrea and Richard McCrea
Kyle C. McInnis and Molly W. McInnis
Ted and Catherine McMullan
Mr. and Mrs. John F. McMullan
Mrs. Mary Mitchell
Mr. C. Morgan Moore
President Jere W. Morehead
Mrs. Sarah Morrow
Mr. Fred S. Morton
Mr and Mrs. John L. Murphy
Mr. Steven A. Nail and Mrs. Cami Nail
Mr. Ralph M. Newman
Mr. David G. Newton
Ms. Mary C. Nicholson
Michael K. Ostergard and Nancy H. Ostergard
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Palmour
Mr. Donald W. Pearson Jr.
Mr. Timothy A. Peterson
Mr. George J. Polatty, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Rainey
Mr. Jeffrey F. Reed and Mrs. Cathy Reed
Mrs. Jimmye L. Reeves
Mr. John W. Rooker and Mrs. Cynthia Rooker
Ms. Camille J. Russo
Mr. Bradley K. Ruth and Mrs. Heather Ruth
Mr. William H. Settle Jr. and Mrs. Joyce H. Settle
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Shad
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Simmons Jr.
Mr. William J. Stubbs Jr. and Ms. Julie A. Stubbs
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tardy Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Taylor Jr.
Mr. Edwin E. Thomas and Mrs. Amy R. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Reese J. Thompson
Mr. Lindsey W. Trussell Jr.
Mr. Curtis L. Turner III and Mrs. Nancy C. Turner
Ms. Nancy R. Usry
Mr. John T. Wasdin and Mrs. Mitzi Wasdin
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Wellborn III
Mr. Asher L. Wheeler (d)
Lt Col Hoke S. Wilder Jr. and Ms. Margaret D. Wilder
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Williams Jr.
Mr. William C. Wise Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia Wise
Mr. Oscar L. Wiseley Jr.
Mr. E. Howard Young and Mrs. Rebecca Hale Young