Summer Residency Application

Online Application Process

Short Answer Questions

Please complete Short Answer Questions prior to starting the online application.

We seek ambitious and hardworking students to participate in our Summer Residency Program. The response questions provide applicants the opportunity to showcase their strengths and outline contributions they can make to the program. Since applicants are not able to return to the form, we highly encourage thoughtfully completing the short answer questions prior to starting the online form.

  • Please list your extracurricular activities.
  • Please list any relevant awards, honors or leadership positions.
  • Please explain why you would like to participate in one of the Summer Residency Program.
  • Briefly explain your educational plans beyond high school.
  • Briefly explain how you will add to the diversity of the program.

Recommendation and Transcript

To complete your application, you must submit a copy of your transcript and one letter of recommendation to the address below. The letter must be from your school counselor or teacher who knows you well and can discuss your conduct, your ability to work in a team environment and why you are a strong candidate for our Summer Residency Program. The transcript and recommendation letter requirements are waived for students who have already been admitted and plan to attend the University of Georgia in the fall.

Letters and Transcript should be mailed to:

Terry College of Business
Terry Summer Residency Program
110 Moore-Rooker Hall, 610 South Lumpkin Street
Athens, GA, 30602

Candidate Selection

Selection is a competitive process. All applications completed by March 20, 2020 will be reviewed based on the quality of candidates’ essays, interests, demonstrated leadership ability and academic transcript.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Program Director Randy Groomes.


Director, Office of Diversity Relations
Randy Groomes

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Office of Diversity Relations