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Diversity & Inclusion Learning Communities

What are DILCs?

Diversity & Inclusion Learning Communities (DILCs) provide a space for Terry College faculty and staff to discuss topics around diversity and inclusion to enhance our knowledge of these important issues. We aim to use this enhanced knowledge to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive and promotes social justice.

The Benefits of Joining a DILC

DILCs offer a guided opportunity for Terry faculty and staff to learn about diversity with a small cohort of up to eight people. Learning Community participants are better able to promote positive D&I behavior within their units, across the college and in the community. Finally, DILCs help to create a sense of belonging and connection with peers and provide a forum for participants to express feelings, concerns and uncertainties about our ever-changing world.

How Do DILCs Work?

You will be assigned to a DILC of approximately eight people. Each DILC will meet virtually for the initial meetings, and eventually in person as health guidelines permit. Meetings serve as professional development and should last for about an hour during the workday.

Example schedule for monthly meetings:

Meeting 1: Icebreaker session for group introductions and facilitator selection

Meeting 2: Discussion of assigned book with suggested prompts

Meeting 3: Discussion of assigned D&I reading with suggested prompts

Meeting 4: Joint facilitated meeting of all learning communities

Meeting 5: Discussion of assigned D&I reading with suggested prompts

Meeting 6: Discussion of assigned video with suggested prompts

Meeting 7: Discussion of assigned article with suggested prompts

Meeting 8: Joint meeting with all communities for an end-of-year discussion