Bernard B. & Eugenia A. Ramsey Center for Private Enterprise
Room 509 Brooks Hall, University of Georgia
(706) 542-3970
Contact us via email at dlee@terry.uga.edu or visit us on the World Wide Web at http://www.terry.uga.edu/people/dlee
Director of Center: Dwight R. Lee, Ramsey Professor of Private Enterprise and Economics. 

Date Center Opened: September 1985
Purpose of Center:
The Ramsey Center for Private Enterprise has as its primary mission the fostering of a better understanding and appreciation of the principles and performance of private enterprise. The center engages in teaching, research and writing, that demonstrate the widely dispersed benefits from decentralized decisions coordinated through competitive markets. In addition to its teaching and research functions, the center carries on an active service program involving public lectures and programs on the private enterprise system.

Major Accomplishments of the Center:
The Center has brought a number of distinguished speakers to campus, including two Nobel Prize winning economist, James Buchanan (twice) and Vernon Smith. Other speakers include former director of the Federal Trade Commission, James Miller; president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, Robert McTeer; Texas Senator Phil Gramm; economists, Gordon Tullock of George Mason University; Michael Cox and Robert Formaini of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, Richard McKenzie of the University of California Irvine and Steven Landsburg of the University of Rochester. The Center director, Dwight Lee, has averaged approximately one public lecture a month at other universities and outside organizations on different aspects of our private enterprise system, plus a steady stream of scholarly and general publications dealing with a wide variety of economic issues. From 1998-2002, he wrote a monthly column on economics for the national magazine Ideas On Liberty, published by the Foundation for Economic Education out of New York. The Center also funds an economics graduate student every year.

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